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Week 20: Peace and Love, Bro/ Selvamonos

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts):

  • Alma 36:3,

  • DyC 58: 2-4,

  • Mosiah 24

Last P-day was by far the most adventurous Pday yet! After a normal morning of cleaning, internet, and lunch, we journeyed back to Villa Rica with the intention of going to Catarata la Bruja* (*Witch Waterfall). We played cards in the capilla* (*church) for a while como distrito* (*as a district) before separating into 3 different motos*(*taxi-type cars) to go. Sinks and I went first and our moto driver had no clue where he was going. He took us the wrong way, to Catarata El Leon* (*Waterfall El Leon). We told him that he was going the wrong way, but no nos ha dado caso* (*but he said that was not the case). He just kept going. After he reached the catarata el leon, we told him he had to turn back and take us the right way, so he did- but he got stuck in the mud (it was raining FUERTE* (*strongly)) and we were left to walk. Our cell phone was dead and we had no idea where any of the elderes were. So that’s how we ended up hiking up a mountain in the pouring rain in the Amazon rainforest with absolutely no contact with the outside world. :) We kept climbing and ran into the Oxa elderes, and the four of us hiked higher and didn’t find any waterfall before turning back and finding the Villa Rica elderes on the way down. The six of us walked the 8 km back into town before us Oxapampinos took a taxi back home. Crazy p-day, but a hilarious and adventurous one! I’m grateful for Heavenly Father’s protection today. :)

Martes* (*Tuesday), I woke up with crazy nausea and stomach pain. It seems I get sick about once a transfer, so this choque* (*shock) was casi* (*almost) inevitable. In the morning, we walked around for an hour with no success and then I rested for an hour due to nausea and dizziness. After lunch, we visited Rosa C., our recent rescue, and read La Familia con ella* (*The Family with her) before going to Mariella, a recent convert, and reading Fortaleza de la Juventud con ella* (*The Strength of Youth with her). We went back in for an hour and I took some meds and rested before we went to Rosicela, our investigadora* (*investigator), and taught her about how she is a child of God. Despues, fuimos por Grace* (*Then, we met with Grace), a less active, and we read FLJ* (*For the Strength of Youth) with her. Finalmente* (*Finally), we visited Jacinta, our investigadora, and talked about how God can help lift our burdens and give us comfort, sharing Mosiah 24. :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! Well, the nausea and stomach pain have yet to leave me alone. In the morning, we went to Hilda, a less active, and talked about faith and Lehi’s dream. En siguiente* (*Next), we visited our investigador, Alejandro, and taught him about fe y arrepentimiento* (*Faith and Repentance). Despues de almuerzo* (*After lunch), we visited Ayde, a less active, and taught her about el mandamiento del perdon* (*the commandment of forgiveness) before going to Yheni, our investigadora, and talking to her about fe en Jesucristo y arrepentimiento* (*faith in Jesus Christ and repentance). We went to Yolanda and taught her about Mosiah 24 before going and visiting with Angelica B., a less active, and teaching her about the Diez Mandamientos* (*Ten Commandments). Chevere dia* (*Great day)! Sinks was feeling a little bit sick today too- hopefully it passes quickly! :)

En Jueves* (*On Thursday), lots of mochileros* (*backpackers) with dreads from all over Europe, the US, and South America started showing up for the huge music festival Selvamonos; a dancing and music festival here in Oxa. Lots of tourists and white people, but it’s incredibly entertaining! :) Our pension, Roxana, got the same stomach bug today, as well as lots of people in Oxa. She went to the hospital and they told her it was a bacteria, so quizas* (*maybe) Sinks and I have bacteria too. Fun things. :) In the morning, we visited our investigator Jose and taught him about perseverando hasta el fin* (*enduring to the end) and desarrollando atributos de Cristo* (*developing attributes of Christ), especially patience! :) Era chevere* (*Very cool). Despues de almuerzo, we visited our recien rescatado* (*recent rescue) Rosa C. and taught her about family history before going to Carmen, our less active, and teaching her about bautismo y el espiritu santo* (*baptism and the Holy Ghost)! Following this, we visited Rosicela, our investigator, and taught her about profetas* (*prophets) and their importance. En siguiente, we visited with Verenisse and Claudia, our nueva investigadora* (*new investigator), and got to know her, shared our purpose as misioneras* (*missionaries), and talked before going to Noche de Deporte* (*sports night) and playing volley! :)

Viernes* (*Friday) - the first day of Selvamonos! We’ve heard lots of phrases from the hippies like ‘Peace and love, bro’ over the last few days and smelled lots of smoking. Good times, entonces* (*then). :) After studies, weekly planning, and lunch, we visited Ayde, menos active* (*less active), and taught her la Restauracion* (*the Restoration) before going to Katty P., a less active, and teaching her about the Evangelio de Jesucristo* (*Gospel of Jesus Christ)! :)Following this, we visited Mariella and read FLJ with her. Despues, we visited Kinia, a less active, and she told us about her whole conversion story and we talked with her. Then we went and bought Copix cereal as a snack before Noche Misional* (*Mission Night), about following the profeta* (*prophet), and due to the sugar we were incredibly hyper and joking and laughing until late. :)Era tan chistoso y bacan* (*It was so funny and great)!

Sabado* (*Saturday)- the last day of Selvamonos! We traveled to Villa Rica en la manana* (*in the morning) for a district meeting, where we talked about using the Book of Mormon to respond to objections and questions of the soul. After traveling back and eating lunch, we started our fast and went out to proselyte! Firstly, we visited Hilda, a less active, and taught her about historia familiar y la obra vicaria* (*family history and temple work) before going to our investigator Rosicela and teaching her about Christ’s earthly ministry and how we should follow His example. Then, we went to Angelica B., less active, and taught her about perdon* (*forgiveness) and the importance of reading scriptures and read the Book of Mormon with her. English class followed, where we talked about food due to hunger, before going to a noche de hogar* (*Family Home Evening) with Familia Martinez* (*The Martinez Family), two of our investigadores! We taught them about choosing today to be centered in Christ and let that faith drive them to action. Era tan chevere! :) Fantastic day. :)

Domingo* (*Sunday)! I almost cried of joy today in church when Rosa C., our recent rescue, STARTED HER MISSION PAPERS. :D I’m so incredibly excited for her! :) After lunch, we visited Jocelyn, a converso reciente* (*recent convert), and taught her about obediencia* (*obedience) before having consejo de barrio* (*ward council). Despues, we visited Mara, a less active, and read El Libro de Mormon con ella* (*The Book of Mormon with her) before going to a noche de hogar* (*Home Evening) at Rosa C.’s and watching the Restauracion* (*Restoration) movie. Fantastic dia. :) I feel like I say this every week, but I so love it here. Oxapampa sigue como paraiso* (*Oxapampa is still like paradise). :)

Happy Fourth, my free friends. DISFRUTALO* (*ENJOY IT)! :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre* (*With love and prayers forever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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