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Week 29: Blanca Nieves* (*White Snow)

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): Mosiah 4: 9

P-day!!:) After Internet, we traveled to Yanacancha for our District P-day! I put my Italian heritage to the test and we made pizza from scratch in a little electric oven. We decided to make jamonada, salchicha* (*sausage), and palta* (*avocado) pizzas, and they turned out DELICIOUS. :) It took a while due to the little electric oven, but we all talked while we waited. Despues* (*Then), we went and played pool! It was a fun and tranquilo* (*quiet) P-day. :) We got back to Centro and ate dinner early because of a late Noche de Hogar*(*Family Home Evening) with Iris, recent convert, Yosy, and Elmer! We talked about the parable of Lucas 8 con ellos* (*Luke 8 with them). :)

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting here in Centro on caridad* (*charity) and did a mini testimony meeting of why we’re on the mission. It was cheverazo* (*fabulous). :) I also got to see Hna Cadena today- she was here from Tarma doing divisions in San Juan with the hna lideres* (*sister leaders), so we got to catch up! She also told me that our investigator in Oxa, Edilia, FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED! :) After lunch, we visited our investigator Evelyn and taught about the LDM* (*Libra de Mormon – Book of Mormon) before visiting Ada, less active, and reading her lectura del LDM*(*Readings from the Book of Mormon)! Luego* (*Then), I curled Iris’s hair at her request and we taught her about la obra missional* (*missionary work). :) Despues, we visited our investigator Jeny and talked about the Priesthood before visiting Tom, recent convert, and talking about the importance of scripture study. It rained hard today; rainy season’s starting here. Caballero, no mas* (Gentleman, no more). :)

Wednesday! In la manana* (*the morning), we visited Lesly, recent convert, and read the Living Christ before journeying to Paragsha, where we met as a zona to paint the elders’ new cuarto* (*room) there! :) Era bacan* (*very cool)! After lunch, we visited Iris, recent convert, and taught her about servicio* (*service). Luego, we went to Luz, less active, and talked about the Tree of Life before going to our investigator, Josefina, and reading Jacob 1 and talking for a while. :) When we left, it was SNOWING!!! :D I never thought I’d miss snow, but it’s absolutely miraculous. So, naturally, we took pictures and enjoyed ourselves. It was amazing. :)

On Thursday, we helped the Paragsha elders move rooms before going to San Juan for divisions! :) We helped the sisters find a new room and I went with Hermana Cruz on divisions! It rained tons and a combi drove really fast through a puddle, soaking us, so good times. :) We visited a recent convert, Nilda, and taught the Restauracion* (*Restoration) before going to a less active and teaching about the naturaleza de Dios* (*nature of God). :) We then taught clase de Ingles* (*English Class) and had breakfast burritos for dinner!! Good day. It was a really fun time being with Cruz! :) Like old times in the jungle. :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! Today, we helped the sisters move curators before traveling back home to Centro! We met with our investigator Milagros and started her family history work online before visiting Iris, recent convert, and teaching about the nature of God. :) Luego, we visited Lucero, less active, and started reading For The Strength of Youth con ella* (*with her). Lastly, we visited our investigator Jose and taught the Restauracion! He accepted a baptismal date for Oct. 15th. :)

En Sabado* (*On Saturday), we had weekly planning and lunch before ALL of our citas* (*appointments) fell through. :( Nobody was in casa* (*home) or answering their phones, so we did a lot of walking to no avail. We decided to contact in Tahuantinsuyo and found a woman the elders were visiting 3 years ago! :) Despues, we visited our investigator Rebecca and read el LDM before visiting Katty, a new investigator, and talking about our purpose as missionaries. Luego, we took our investigator Delsy with us to San Juan to see a baptism of the Paragsha elders! Era chevere* (*it was cool). :)

Sunday! After normal church meetings and lunch, we contacted in Tupac before visiting Miguel, recent convert, and his mother, Josefina, investigator, and teaching about obediencia* (*obedience). Despues, we went to the chapel to do Iris’s registro bautismal en linea* (*baptism online registration) and then journeyed up to Tahuantinsuyo for a noche de hogar with Gladys, member, and her daughter Hanyuri, investigator! We watched a video called Rescatado por Cristo* (*Rescued by Christ). :) Luego, we visited our investigator Jeny and read el LDM con ella! Chevere dia* (*wonderful day). :)

This week, I’ve been thinking lots about happiness. LDS psychologist Wendy Ulrich wrote a list of “Habits of Happiness” which I love:

  1. Put more energy into contributing to the world from your strengths than into overcoming weaknesses

  2. Regularly generate and express feelings of gratitude

  3. Take risks to improve

  4. Help someone else every day

  5. Make time to enjoy little pleasures

This week and every week, look for and choose happiness. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*with love and prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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