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Week 33: #LDSConf

Since this is the closest thing I have to a Twitter account right now, there’s the hashtag for this incredible week!!:)

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): John 8

Lunes* (*Monday)! Bueno* (*Well), I woke up with some pretty crazy stomach pain, so after studies, cleaning, and Internet, we came back to the cuarto*(*room) and rested. Mas tarde* (*Later), we went looking for a new room and I got a package from Alva, a Slytherin colored llama skirt!!! :) Best surprise ever. Then we visited Ada, less active, and taught her about how she’s never alone in the marathon of life. :)

On Tuesday, we started off the day with a district meeting and a capacitacion* (*training) on oraciones de fe* (*prayers of faith) and how we can apply prayer in our lives. :) After lunch, we visited Milagros V., investigator, and talked about diezmos* (*tithes) and ayuno* (*fast) and moved her baptismal fecha* (*date) to Oct. 15 due to stake conference. She’s fantastic! :) We then went to Josefina, converso* (*convert), and read The Family Proclamation! Our citas* (*appointments) fell through despues* (*after), so we continued the cuarto search. My stomach’s less than a friend todavia* (*still)… hopefully soon! :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday), we started off the day visiting Iris, converso, and repasando La Restauracion* (*reviewing the Restoration)! :) Despues de almuerzo* (*After lunch), we contacted before all of our following citas fell through. However, por fin* (*finally), we found our investigator Evelyn and read el LDM*(*The Book of Mormon)! Despues* (*Then), we visited Lesly, converso, and read her lectura* (*readings) as well before going to Delsy, investigator, and reading FLJ* (*For The Strength of Youth). We finished off the day with correlacion missional* (*missionary correlation)! :) Un poquito major de salud hoy* (*A little improvement in my health today). Poco a poco, voy sanandome* (*Gradually, I’ll heal). :)

On Thursday, we contacted all morning! After lunch, we visited our investigator Milagros V. and taught her about the Ley de Castidad* (*Law of Chastity) and arrepentimiento* (*repentance) before going to Josefina, converso, and teaching her about following the prophet and General Conference. :) To finish up the day, we went to the farthest reach of our area for a noche de hogar* (*Family Home Evening) with Familia Anchante, less actives, and watching the video Finding Faith in Christ. To make it back to our room in time, we had to RUN back from lejos* (*far away), but we made it!!! :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! After studies, weekly planning, and lunch, we contacted before visiting Fernando, converso, and talking about missionary work. Despues, we visited our investigator Guida and talked about obedience! :) We then continued the cuarto search….. with no luck. :( We went to our investigator Rebecca and read her LDM! At night, we went to Bishop’s house with the elders and made tacos!!! :) Chevere dia* (*Great day). :)

CONFERENCE SATURDAY!!! Conference is just the greatest thing ever. :) I really personally loved Uchtdorf’s message. Sometimes we take this incredible knowledge we have for granted. But there are people everywhere that don’t know the message of God nor the comfort of a Redeemer. How incredible it is that we have this hope, this eternal motivation! :) In a world of darkness, let us share this incomprehensible light with others and apply this incomparable knowledge with hearts full of gratitude daily, with awe and wonder in the mercy, glory, and condescension of our loving God. :)

CONFERENCE SUNDAY!!! :) One of my highlights was Rasband’s talk. I have a tendency to doubt all spiritual impressions, confirmations, and answers I receive. It’s one of my weaknesses. A little while ago, while doubting some answers I have received here in the mission, I prayed and found a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says ‘Have I not spoken peace unto your mind concerning this matter? What greater witness can you have than that from God?’ Right before conference, I found myself doubting yet again… and Rasband cited this SAME scripture and said we must NEVER forget, question, or ignore spiritual witnesses. I love this opportunity that we have twice a year to listen to our divinely inspired Church leaders. :)

I’m just so incredibly grateful and happy and astonished by the trust God has in me. The time I have to share this message of hope in the Plan of Happiness and the love of God is meaningful to me beyond belief. I know without a doubt that there is a God in Heaven who loves us eternally. I know we have a Savior who died for us that we may live. I know this church is the true church of Christ. I talk of Christ, I rejoice in Christ, I preach of Christ, and I prophesy of Christ so that my brothers and sisters, the children of the eternal God, may know where to look for a remission of their sins.

How great is my joy in my calling!

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas * (*With love and prayers for ever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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