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Week  36: On to Chilca, Huancayo!!!

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): DyC 90: 24* (*Doctrine & Covenants 90:24)

Lunes* (*Monday)! Today, we had a zone P-day in San Juan! :) Due to it being rainy season, we played board games! I dedicated my time to Risk, por supesto* (*of course). :) We all played games and talked. Despues* (*Then), we went to a Noche de Hogar* (*Family Home Evening) and birthday celebration at Familia Anchante* (*The Anchante Family), less actives! Their daughter turned 7 today! She´s hilarious and always calls me Rapunzel. :) We talked about obedience and families, and the cumpleñera chose me to be madrina* (*godmother) of her birthday and cut the cake. Chevere y chistoso pday* (*fun and humorous preparation day). :)

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting and had a despedida* (*goodbye party) of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Hna Jaspers! :) After lunch, we visited Paola, less active, and talked about la obra missional* (*missionary work) before going to Ada, less active, and explaining the Restauracion* (*Restoration)! We then visited our investigator Evelyn and her tia* (*aunt) Liz and explained prayer and el LDM* (*The Book of Mormon). :) To finish up the day, we visited our investigator Jeny G. and explained La Restauracion. :)

Wednesday, we ended up staying the night in a hotel! Long story short, last week´s carbon monoxide scare was real and the office mandated us to leave the room de inmediato* (*immediately). In the morning, we visited Iris, converso* (*convert), and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ before contacting and looking for rooms. We then visited our investigator Miley and read her LDM before we found a room!!!!! :D Only problem- they have to build us a bathroom that won't be ready for 10 days. So we had correlacion* (*correlation) before we stayed the night in a hotel room!!! :)

On Thursday, we went to Josefina and Miguel, conversos, en la mañana* (*converts, in the morning) and cooked chaufa, caldo, and chicha morada! :) We then took Jasmin, a jovencita* (*a young lady), with us to visit our investigator Alex and explained La Restauracion! :) Despues, we got a call saying that they found a room for the week in San Juan and we had to move lots of things unexpectedly. So now we live in San Juan. Oh, the mission's an adventure. :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! After lunch, we visited our new investigator, Karen, and explained our purpose as missionaries. :) Then we went to Rebecca, less active, and explained the gospel of Christ. We then went to Luz, less active, and Rita, investigator, and discussed la fe* (*faith) before visiting Bengi, less active, and talking about missions. To finish up the day, we visited our investigator Jeny G. and talked about the power of fasting.

On Saturday, we went to a baptism of the hermanas in San Juan with our investigator Edith and said goodbye to Hna jaspers, who just finished her mission. Era chevere* (*very cool). :) After lunch, I went with Hna Cruz to the clinica* (*clinic) due to my stomach issues, where they did ecografia* (*an ultrasound) and told me that all of my organs are inflamed, I have gastritis, barro en mi visicula, and probably parasites. :) They gave me lots of drugs and a strict diet, and I rested the rest of the night. Hopefully the pills help. :)

Domingo* (*Sunday)! Today, we had six investigators who came to church!!! :D I gave a talk on happiness tambien* (*also). :) After lunch, we went to visit Miguel and Josefina, conversos, and talked about La Familia y matrimonio eterno* (*The Family and eternal marriage)! All of our citas* (*appointments) fell through despues* (*though), and then we got the dreaded cambios* (*transfers) call... I'm headed to Chilca, Huancayo!!! :D I said goodbye to a few people and packed. I'll really miss Cerro de Pasco... I really love it here. Pero todo va a estar bien* (*But everything will be fine). :)

Today, I spent all morning traveling to Huancayo, and por fin* (*finally), after almost 9 months, I visited the mission office! That's where I´m at right now. Fun times. :)

As Nelson said, 'You will make history. You will be asked to accept challenging assignments and become an instrument in the Lord´s hands. He will enable you to accomplish the impossible.'

Trust in the Lord. He is refining each of us to reach our full potential, to qualify us for eternal life at His side. Through Him, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones* ( *With love and prayers),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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