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Week 37: HalloWeek

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual thoughts): Alma 10: 5-6

Lunes* (*Monday)! In the morning, I said goodbye to beautiful Cerro de Pasco and traveled to Huancayo! After 8 months, I finally have been to the mission office. :) My companion, Hna Aramayo from Bolivia, came and got me and we traveled to Chilca! It's city, there is MUCHO oxigeno* (*oxygen), and hace calor* (*it’s hot)!!:) We first stopped at Metro to buy cena* (*dinner) and I was amazed at a real supermarket. I then unpacked before we visited Luz Marie, less active, and talked about the Holy Ghost and then went to a noche de hogar* (*Family Home Evening) at Erika's, the pension. Era chevere* (*it was great). :)

On Tuesday, we went in the morning to do service and they weren't there, but we ran into a woman named Lorenza who is actually a less active! We talked with her for a while. :) After lunch, we went to Polette and Arturo, investigators, and got to know them a bit major* (*better)! Then all of our citas* (*appointments) fell through and we went to a tranquilo campo* (*quiet countryside) part of our area! Chilca's HUGE!! We visited Leo, investigator, and read the LDM* (*Book of Mormon), then went to Emily, less active, and read Genesis 22 and talked about obedience. :) To end the day, we visited Jessica, a member preparing for her mission, and talked about el templo* (*the temple). :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! After studies, we visited a little viejita* (*old lady) less active, Severina, and sang hymns and read 2 Nephi 4. :) After lunch, we went to our investigator Paulette and explained the plan of salvation before visiting Yuli, less active, and reading her LDM! :) Luego* (*Then), we went to AnaJulia, converso* (*convert), and read her LDM tambien* (*Book of Mormon also)! We also visited Sylvia, less active, and explained La Restauracion* (*The Restoration)! We ended the day practicing our sketch for Friday's ward talent show with our mission leader and the ward missionaries. Era lo maximo* (*It was the maximum). :)

On Thursday, our district meeting got cancelled in the morning, so we visited Alyson, a member that just gave birth on Tuesday (I beat the baby to Chilca!!) to see how she was doing and then visited Lorenza, less active, and talked about La Restauracion. :) After lunch, we visited Severina, less active, and talked about La Expiacion* (*The Atonement) before going to the very limit of our area to contact! Funny story of the day- we contacted a little old lady who basically ran away from us saying that we were going to take her to our country and kill her and called me a pishtaco. Look that one up. :) We later visited LuzMaria, less active, and read her LDM before going and reading the LDM with Edu, converso. :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! After studies and weekly planning, we went to our pension Erika's and ate and she let us try on her traditional Santiago clothing! :D After lunch, all of our citas fell through, but finally we found Pilar, investigadora nueva* (*new investigator)!! We got to know her and talked about our purpose as missionaries and taught her to pray before going to the clinica* (*clinic) for my stomach. We met with some of the office elders and Presidente y Hermana Silva* (*President and Sister Silva) and the doctor set up ALL the examines* (*exams) I need to have, which we planned for tomorrow! Presidente and Hermana Silva then dropped us off at the Chilca capilla* (*Chilca chapel), where we had a ward talent show! :) We did a hilarious sketch with the mission leader and ward missionaries about angels who arrive late, where we acted out scripture scenes... but with us, the angels, getting there too late. Era chistoso* (*it was funny). :)

On Saturday, we went BACK to the clinic in the morning for all my tests! They told me I don't have parasites (HALLELUJAH) but I had some type of bacterial infection that caused all my problems. Now, I just have fuerte* (*strong) gastritis and an inflamed liver, and all my internal organs are inflamed, so they stuck me on a strict diet for a month and gave me MORE pills. YAY! :D After lunch, we visited Jeffrey, converso, and read the LDM before going to Paulette, investigator, and explaining fe y arrepentimiento* (*faith and repentance)! Then we had correlacion missional* (*missionary correlation). Luego* (*Then), we visited Eddy, new investigator, and talked lots with her about albedrio* (*will). :)

Domingo* (*Sunday)! After church (Chilca's a HUGE ward- big change) and lunch, we visited with our pension Erika, rescue, and read her LDM before going to a less active and talking about el sacerdocio* (*the priesthood)! Despues, it was dumping rain and there was lots of lightning, so we were glad to find Luz Marie, less active, en casa* (*at home)! We discussed diezmos con ella* (*tithes with her). We then went to talk with the bishop's wife for a while. :)

Today, we're going to President and Hermana Silva's house for lunch! :) Happy Halloween, everyone. It's definitely my favorite holiday, so celebrate it well!!! :D

"Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives. As we look for humor, seek for the eternal perspective, understand the principle of compensation, and draw near to our Heavenly Father, we can endure hardship and trial. We can say, 'Come what may, and love it.' " - Wirthlin

My weekly challenge is perspective. Come what may, and LOVE IT. :D

Con amor y mis oraciones este Halloween* (*With love and prayers this Halloween),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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