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Week 39: Give ´Em Heart: SMILE!

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): Alma 33:11

Lunes* (*Monday)! Today was Zone P-day! :D We went to the chapel, ate, and played basketball (I taught Aramayo how to play!) and TONS of volleyball and talked! I talked mostly to Hna Dymock. She´s the best. :D Despues* (*Then), we visited our investigator Liz and talked about the importance of el Dia de Reposo* (*The Sabbath) before going to a noche de hogar*(*Family Home Evening) at Anyi's, where they gave a message on Elder Holland's fantastic talk on the atonement and missionary work. :) Una pday chevere* (*A great preparation day)!

On Tuesday, we started the day with a zone conference! :) We talked about how we need to keep going and push ourselves to reach our full potential as missionaries and in life. It was super motivating. :D After lunch, we visited a member, Filomena, and talked with her before going to Luz Maria, less active, and explaining the Word of Wisdom. Luego* (*Then), we visited our investigator Eddy and taught her about La Restauracion* (*The Restoration) and how to recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost. :) We went to Sylvia, less active, and explained the Plan of Salvacion* (*Salvation) and then I helped Edu, converso* (*convert), with math homework. I haven't forgotten everything!!!

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! I taught english en la mañana* (*in the morning), and English is really hard haha. We have so many weird rules. Anyway, we contacted for a bit before lunch and we found a little cholita* (*old lady) in the park who I felt we should contact, and she shared with us her life story and told us that she had really needed someone to listen to her. The Spirit is REAL, people. :) Despues, we visited July, less active, and talked with her for a bit before going to Severina, less active, and talking about the importance of gratitude. :) Luego, we visited Paulina, new investigator, and taught her about prayer! We contacted some more and then visited Bertha, investigator, and talked about obedience.

Thursday began with zone entrevistas* (*interviews) and then was an absolute MIRACLE! :D We've been having a hard time finding members to accompany us to lessons, but today, four members accompanied us! :D We went with 3 to a cita* (*appointment) with a menos active* (*less active), Elizabeth, who just moved here to Chilca. She told us about all the trials she's been going through here in Huancayo and we shared Mosiah 24 con ella* (*with her). :) We contacted before going on divisions with members. I went with Litha to Luz Maria, less active, and we talked about la Expiacion* (*Atonement)! :) Then we got back with my companion and another member and all 4 of us went to Maria, investigator, and read her LDM* (*Book of Mormon). Miracles HAPPEN. :D

Viernes* (*Friday)! We visited Edu, converso* (*convert), and taught him La Restauracion* (*The Restoration) before heading to Luz Maria, less active, and explaining priesthood blessings! :) We contacted and then visited Sylvia, less active, and explained el evangelio* (*priesthood blessings)! Luego, we went to Nataly, converso, and talked about trials before contacting some more. :) Two people talked to me in German today, so that was weird. NO HABLO ALEMAN. NO SOY ALEMANA. DEJAME EN PAZ* (*I do not speak German. I am not German. Leave me alone). Hilarious.:)

Saturday was a bit of a difficult day- nobody was en casa* (at home)!!! We helped Erika clean en la mañana* (*in the morning) for service. After lunch, we visited Fam. Cuevas, miembros* (*members), and taught them more about the Plan of Salvation! They're preparing to get endowed in the temple and sealed this next week in the ward temple trip, so we helped them prepare. :) We had correlacion* (*correlation meeting) before walking lots looking for a contact's address to no avail. Para terminar* (*finally), we visited AnaJulia, converso, and read her LDM* (*Book of Mormon).

Domingo* (*Sunday)! I gave a talk on faith and missionary work in church today, and meetings were great! :) After lunch, we took some members with us to visit Elizabeth, less active. Her daughter was with high fever and they hadn't been able to eat all day, so we got our members together to get food and medicine for her. The joy and gratitude in Elizabeth's eyes just made me so grateful for this Church and the support we have within it, and to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to bring HAPPINESS to others. :) Luego, we visited Familia Boza, investigators, and explained la fe* (*the faith) and contacted. :)

I've been pondering lots lately about the influence of little things. For example (yes, you all know I'm a nerd) in Harry Potter's Quidditch, almost ALL of the focus is on the seeker; forgetting the team behind him that is giving their all to protect and defend and focusing on one person. That's how it is in this world that we live in. The seemingly big actions receive praise and glory, while the little things receive nothing- but without the small and simple acts, the success would never have been achieved in the first place. Every effort is essential.

This week, I've put this into practice, starting with ATTITUDE. Regardless of circumstances- rain, sun, people falling through, etc.- I SMILE. It has made so much difference and I am genuinely happy in every moment! :) Something so small and simple has made every day better and has made ALL the difference. :) I've never been so exhausted, but I have also never been so incredibly happy. :)

I love you all and wish you a joyful week!!! :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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