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Week 48: The Next Chapter... El Tambo! :D

Click Here to hear Karissa's voice in a weekly update (it's in Spanish this week)...

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): 3 Nefi 26: 9

P-Day! Today, we walked all over our area with Familia Huaman* (*The Huaman family) (members y a few conversos) and visited a SUPER pretty bridge where the trains cross el Rio Mantaro* (*The Mantaro River)! :) It was really fun y reimos tan duro* (*and we laughed so hard). :) Despues* (*Then), we went to Carmen, a contact from a few days ago, and got to know her and her husband, a Pentecostal pastor! Good times. :) Carmen gave us knit sweaters for the cold. She's a tender mercy. Fantastic day. :)

Martes* (*Tuesday)! En la mañana* (*In the morning) we visited Familia Chavez* (*The Chavez Family), less actives, who just moved here to Chilca! Turns out that the hermana's an exorcist* (sister’s an exorcist). Interesting discovery. We visited Severina, menos active* (*less active), in the tarde* (*afternoon) and sang lots of hymns for her before heading to the clinica* (*clinic) for my comp's operation! They didn't let anyone in with her, so I stayed outside with Hna. Silva and the office elders esperando* (*waiting). She came out in a wheelchair... and they said she can't walk for un buen rato* (*a good time). We came back to the room and rested. Looks like it'll be a week of divisions with members. :) I received some packages and letters today from some friends, family, and the Alta View Ward, and that just made my day! :D

Wednesday, we spent the morning resting and in the tarde, I proselyted with Christina! :D We visited Melanio and Saturnina, investigators, and talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost. :) They're so great. We then ended up going and contacting in the Municipalidad de Chilca* (*Municipality of Chilca), which was super fun and we found some fantastic people!!! Creative contacting is lo major* (*the best). :) We finished the day going to Chabela, member, where I taught her and her son a bit of basic piano. :)

On Thursday, I went out in the tarde with Samy! Fuimos a* (*We went to) Gloria, investigator, and we explained why we're here on Earth and she gave us TONS of fantastic references! :D We then went to a converso* (*convert), Jose Luis, who took us to his hermano y cuñada* (*brother and sister-in-law), Marta y Ruben, new investigators! :D They're super great. We talked about how the Gospel can bless them and bring them more happiness. :) We also contacted on a bus today... and contacted 50 people! And LOTS are actually interested! Milagro* (*Miracle). :) Today was Aramayo's 21st birthday, so we had a birthday party for her at night at Erika's! :D Chevere dia* (*wonderful day). :)

Viernes* (*Friday), my comp had to go to the clinica* (*clinic), so I didn't get to proselyte. :( But Aramayo and I got to talk lots during the day and it was really good for her and she opened up a lot, so now I know exactly how to help her. :) We went to the doctor and he said that everything is healing up well and that she can start to put weight on her foot! :D Small victories!

Saturday! :D we had a fantastic zone conference in the morning about becoming misioneros autosuficientes temporalmente y espiritualmente* (*temporally and spiritually self-sufficient missionaries). :) We also had cake to celebrate my comp's birthday once more! :) We came back and ate lunch and the members that were going to proselyte with me and stay with my comp fell through, so it was day two of staying in. We watched church videos, I read lots of scriptures and Jesus the Christ, and we talked. :)

Domingo* (*Sunday)! Church was brilliant, as usual. :) After lunch, I proselyted with Samy and nobody was home, so we contacted lots and visited our investigator Melanio, talking about the purpose of trials! We then got the cambios* (*transfers) call... Aramayo's TRAINING in Chila and I'm headed to El Tambo with Hna. Esparza as hna lider* (*sister leader)! :) So that's the next chapter of mission life. Si se puede* (*yes, you can). :)

UPDATE: I'm in El Tambo now with Hna Esparza! She's de Ecuador* (*from Ecuador) and just great. She’s been out 14 months. I'm super excited to be here with her. :)

My saying of the week is simple: There is a Savior. It's incredibly simple yet powerful to me. There is a Savior! Through Him there is hope and eternal happiness. Through Him there is light and joy. Through Him, we are FREE. :) El es nuestro Salvador, nuestro Redentor; Rey de Reyes, Señor de Señores, y Amigo de Amigos* (*He is our Savior, our Redeemer; King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Friend of Friends). :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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