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Week 58: Tocosh and Tender Mercies

Click here to listen to an added message for the week from Karissa!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Omni 1: 36

PDay* (*Preparation Day)! :D We had a District pday, where we made air pop popcorn and played Mafia and extreme signs. :D Then, I got to write yall! :) POR FIN habia internet* (*FINALLY there was internet)!!! Luego* (*Then), we visited the Familia Tantavilca, menos activos* (*Tantavilca Family, less actives), and talked about La Expiacion* (*The Atonement). :)

On Tuesday, we journeyed to Chupaca and Pilcomayo to check up on their rooms! :) En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we visited Leonardo and Mary, investigators, and taught them about family history work, indexing, and TEMPLES! :D Luego* (*Next), we visited Bertha, investigator, and Rosario, member, and talked about faith and how gospel principles bless families! :) Despues* (*After), we visited Luis, new investigator, and taught him about the Book of Mormon! :D He came to church last Sunday, a reference from Hno Lyn, and has lots of great questions! Good day. :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! Today we had a multizone where we discussed doctrinal questions and Pres. Silva gave us the recipe for success: first, imagine; second, envision; third, DO. :D Then we had interviews with Pres. and practicas* (*practices) with our zone leaders! Pres Silva gave me some great counsel- the future depends on US. Completely and totally. Nadie mas* (*Nobody else). We need to work so that one day we can have our own eternal families in the restored gospel. :) It depends on US how our futures unfold, so we must work our HARDEST for what we want most. :) Reminded me a bit of Jack Sparrow's compass in Pirates of the Caribbean. If we want it most, we must orient ourselves to receive it. :) At night, we visited Otilia, member, and planned a special fast with her and her family for Saturday for her husband Lucho, our investigator!!!

On Thursday, we contacted a reference we received- Tomas, Paola and Ana (new Investigators)! Tomas and Paola are viejitos* (*old men) with lots of health problems, and Ana takes care of them. :) We talked about Christ being our Savior! In the tarde* (*afternoon), we visited Teresa and Nicolas, investigators, and talked about repentance and the Atonement of Christ, giving them LDMs* (*Book of Mormons). :) ALL our citas* (*appointments) fell through after, and we walked lots, but el desanimo debilita la fe* (*discouragement weakens the faith), so we kept on going. :) We visited Edgardo, investigator, and talked about the Atonement and he opened up to us about the trials he has been facing. :)

Viernes*(*Friday)! Today, we explored and contacted for a part of the area I hadn't been to before! :) Luego* (*Then), we visited Leonardo and Mary, investigators, and taught them about the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation)! :) Then, Mary came out with bowls of tocosh. one each. AH. However, this tocosh was much better than the other one I tried, and I ate the whole bowl! :D later, my stomach hated me, but I felt strong nonetheless. If I could send smells, I would send the smell of tocosh and you would all faint or throw up. ;) Then, we went to Luis, investigator, and HE HAD READ THE INTRO DEL LDM* (*Introduction to the Book of Mormon) and MORE and had written out a SUMMARY of what he had read and ENJOYED IT! :D AH! QUE BENDICION* (*WHAT A BLESSING)! And he has SO many desires to learn more!!! We shared the Restoration with him and he said that while he was in a coma, he saw something like the first vision!!! Such a blessing and SO prepared. :)

Saturday! En la mañana* (*In the morning), we found and visited with some old investigators, Nancy and Rubin! We got to know them and talked a bit about the LDM* (*The Book of Momron). :) Luego* (*Then), our citas* (*appointments) fell through, so we went exploring and contacting in Incho, a part of our area that's just fields- super green and beautiful!!! :D Then came Gen. Women's Conference!!! :D We went with Mary (investigator) and it was so great. :) I also saw my Italian speaking friend from Los Andes, and we talked a bit in Italian! She said she'll help me practice more. :D We finished the day with correlacion* (*correlation meeting). Just a genuinely brilliant day. :) We also started the SPECIAL FAST FOR LUCHO with Otilia and her family!

SUNDAY! :D We had 4 investigators come to church- Leonardo (going to get baptized Apr. 8th!), Mary, Jesica, and Luis! :D Luis even showed up in a SUIT! He's so cool and SO prepared for this gospel. :) After lunch, we visited Eleanora and Raul, investigators, and decided not to teach them anymore because all they wanted to do was tell us why we were wrong and contender. :( Anyway, we went to visit Familia Galvez, investigators, and taught them about the Plan of Salvation. :D

AND, today I made muffins! And were planning on making tacos and exploring el campo del area* (*the field of the area). :) should be good times!!! FELIZ PRIMAVERA; preparense por la conferencia general y la bendicion de escuchar las palabras de los profetas vivientess* (*HAPPY APRING: prepare for general conference and the blessing of hearing the words of the living prophets) :D

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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