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Week 59: #LDSConf

Click HERE to hear a short message from Karissa with insights to accompany this week's email!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Doctrine and Covenants 6. :)

P-Day! :D We made muffins and tacos and it rained really hard, so we watched some church videos. :) When the rain cleared up, we went exploring in the fields of our area, a place called Incho! :) Then I did some yoga y se acabo* (*and finished preparation day). We visited Teresa and Nicolas, investigators, and explained Noches de Hogar * (*Family Home Evening) before going to Luis, investigator, and teaching him about the Evangelio de Jesucristo* (*Gospel of Jesus Christ)! :)

On Tuesday, we spent the morning contacting! :) En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we visited Haid, new investigator, and talked about the Restoration before heading to Leonardo and Mary, investigators, and reading the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) with them. :) They’re just absolutely brilliant. :) Getting Leonardo all ready for his baptism next week! :D Luego* (*Later), we visited Paula, investigator, and Fabri, converso* (*convert), and talked about the importance of keeping the commandments. :)

Wednesday! We visited Teresa and Nicolas, investigators, and Teresa’s other son Renato, new investigator! :D We explained the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! :) Luego* (*Then), our citas* (*appointments) fell through, so we contacted and set other citas* (*appointments) before helping Jesica, investigator, set up her daughter's birthday party! We then visited our investigator Luis and Jorge, less active, and read 1 Nefi 1 with them and explained a bit more about the Book of Mormon! They bought us pizza. It was legit. :)

Jueves* (*Thursday)! We had a district meeting in English today! There are only 2 of us gringos in the district, so everyone else was pretty lost. Funny, though. :) Lots of citas* (*appointments) fell through so we dedicated time to contacting! We contacted a lady in a store and I left the phone. We went outside and i was SURE that I had felt my bag vibrate and reached for the phone and it wasn’t there! I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. Then we went back to the store to see and it was still there! :D phew. We then had a Noche de Hogar* (*Family Home Evening) with Otilia y Lucho, investigators, where we talked about la fe* (*The Faith) using Ether 12: 4! :) Then, we visited Leonardo and Mary, investigators, with Bishop and talked more about the Priesthood. :)

On Friday, we dedicated our time to looking for a list of old investigators! :D We walked a lot, contacted some, and set a few return appointments. :) We then took Aguira, investigator, with us to the Relief Society anniversary party, where we cleaned, helped set up, and greeted everyone!

GENERAL CONFERENCE. <3 It feels like YESTERDAY I was watching conference in CDP* (*Cerro de Pasco). How time flies. We watched in our sala de gringos* (*American group), a little piece of America. :) I came with a list of questions and they were all VERY directly answered over the two days. :) Favorite talks from Saturday: Renlund, Nelson, Holland, Sabin, Cordon, and Andersen. :) God really can and DOES answer us and provide personal revelation through his apostles and prophets!!!

Conference round 2! :D Suffice it to say that I received many, many, many answers. Remember how last conference I got an answer in a scripture I had found before? and then they repeated it in general conference? Well, they repeated it again today. AH. God knows me. :) Favorites from today: Clayton, Uchtdorf, Rasband, Jones, Palmer, and Grow. :) I just LOVE conference!!!!! :D Luego* (*Then), we visited Estefany, less active, and had an INCREDIBLY spiritual lesson with her about trusting in God. :) We then had a NDH* (*Family Home Evening) with Luis, investigator, where we talked about the importance of a strong foundation in Christ. :D


Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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