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Week 60: #PrincipedePaz* (*#PRINCEofPEACE)

Click HERE to listen to a short message accompanying this blog update from Karissa this week!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Psalms 11:5

Zone P-day! :D We went to Chupaca, to laguna* (*lagoon) and ruinas* (*ruins) of Ñahuimpuquio!!! We got to do a really fun hike to the ruins and it was just a great time. :) From the top of the ruins, you can see all of Chupaca and Pilcomayo! :) We came back to Tambo and took our investigator, Haid, with us to a NDH* (*Family Home Evening) at Bishop's house! :) We watched the video Finding Faith in Christ and set a baptismal date for Haid- April 22nd. :) Loysi made us pancakes. Good day. :)

Tuesday was consejo de lideres* (*counsel of leaders) basically all day! It was really great. :) We talked lots about self-sufficiency, self-accountability, and leadership. :) Despues* (*After), we went to visit Leonardo and Mary, investigators, and taught them about tithing and fast offerings!

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! Today we had zone conference in the morning and then contacted for a bit. :) Luego* (*Then), we went to Teresa and Nicolas, investigators! We read Joseph Smith's testimony with them. Teresa shared that she had received some dream answers that this was good and Nicolas shared his experience with dark spirits. We shared about Joseph Smith's experience right before the First Vision! :) They're progressing! :) We contacted and visited Estefany, menos active* (*less active), and read 1 Nefi 17! :) We finished up today visiting our investigator Luis and talking about the Holy Ghost. :)

On Thursday, we journeyed to Jauja in the morning to check up on the sisters room! I actually like the trip, GORGEOUS countryside. :) We made pizza with our pension Maricela for lunch! :D En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), all our citas* (*appointments) fell through, so we contacted before going to a NDH* (*Family Home Evening) at Otilia's (member)! :) We taught them about the Pascua* (*Easter) video and challenged them to share it on social media! :) We then visited Paula (investigator) and Fabricio (converso* (*convert)) and taught them about the Pascua* (*Easter) as well. :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we dedicated time to finding work! We found one joven* (*young woman), Lizbeth, who has Mormon friends and ended up teaching her a bit about the Restoration! :) Despues* (*Then) came the trial. We went to Leonardo, who was going to get baptized tomorrow, and he told us that he doesn’t want to yet- that his uncles were talking badly about the Church and that he just wasn't sure anymore. It was so sad. We ended up being there for a while talking to him and Mary and they decided to push back the baptism for the 29th. We left and I was just destroyed. I have fasted and prayed more for this family than for any other. I have done everything I could, and it still wasn't enough. I just broke down. We went to the room and I fell on my knees and talked with God for a while. He answered lots of my questions and helped me to feel such peace that I have done all that I could do; that I just need to trust Him more and never lose hope. :) It was an incredibly peaceful and strengthening experience. :) God really does listen.

Saturday! We spent the morning knocking doors. :) After lunch, we met our investigator Teresa and gave her a tour of the capilla* (*chapel)! :D She's so great. We then helped prepare the mission farewell for Lesly, member! :D We had to leave before it started, but it looked good. :) We visited Luis, investigator, and Jorge, less active, and taught them about La Expiacion* (*The Atonement), reading Alma 34! Good day! :D

Palm Sunday! :D Church was great, as always. We had a meeting to plan an Easter presentation as lideres despues* (*leaders, later) in the office, then visited Mary, investigator, and talked about church organizations! Luego* (*Then), we visited Luis, investigator, and Jorge, less active, and taught them about premortal life! :D Luego* (*Then) we went to the terminal to send sisters off to Huanuco!

And... WE DON'T HAVE TRANSFERS! Tambo round 3 with mija* (*my daughter, trainee). I´m gonna get to finish her training!! :D 6 weeks more juntas* (*together) :)

MORE FUN NEWS! DYMOCK IS IN HUANCAYO AND IS ONE OF MY SISTERS! :D Never been happier. I’m with her right now. She sends saludos* (*greetings). :D

(*Talk Karissa references in her recording):

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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