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To hear the weekly update in Karissa's voice which accompanies this blog post, please click HERE.

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): 2 Kings 6: 17

P-day de Distrito!* (*District Preparation Day) :) Today we headed over to Chupaca, to a place called Ñahuin- a huge open field! We played lots of volleyball, tried to get a stubborn llama to love us and take pictures with us, and played card games! :) On our way walking back to the main part of Chupaca, we got a bit lost and walked through some crops, so that was an adventure! :) We made it out in el final* (*finally) and went back to Tambo, going to a NDH* (*Family Home Evening) with Luis (converso* (*convert)) and Jorge (less active) and talking about fe* (*faith), making brownies, and playing Pictionary! :)

Martes* (*Tuesday)! Today, we had a multizone in the morning about the blessings of exact obedience! This was followed by lunch and going to the oficina* (*mission office) for practices, English exams for the latinas, and interviews with the mission president! We were last. We mostly just talked about how I can help my comp. :) We left the office around 8;30 pm, so that was our day. :)

On Wednesday, we had divisions with Mariscal Castilla! :D I went to Castilla with HNA DYMOCK, my absolute best friend. :) We basically spent the day looking for a new room for them, walking, talking, and laughing! :D We also got to visit a few families. :) At night, their pension gave us a completos party for dinner to celebrate Hna Dymock's 9 months! :D I'm so so grateful for Hna Dymock. She's been a saving angel for me so many times and she’s just become such an incredible person. :) I'm so grateful that God decided that we needed to meet. :)

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! :D Happy Star Wars Day, all. :) We finished up divisions and contacted lots, due to citas* (*appointments) falling through! We're trying to find nuevos* (*new people) recently and it's been incredibly difficult. We ended up going to an NDH* (*Family Home Evening) with Jesica (investigator) and Fernando (less active) and I felt like we should share Alma 22 and ask them what they would sacrifice to come to know God. They really opened up to us and shared personal trials that they're currently passing through. The Spirit really does work through us to touch the hearts of others. :)

Cinco de Mayo!!! Definitely not a holiday here. We weekly planned and dedicated lots of time to contacting! We visited our investigator Haid and his mother Karin, new investigator! :D We taught them about faith and prayer. So much praying for even one new investigator got results! :D We then went to Paula, investigator, and Fabricio, converso, and taught them about the mundo de los espiritus* (*the spirit world). :)

Saturday! In the morning, we traveled to Concepcion to see how the hnas* (*sisters) were doing! :) Hna Peña and Hna Calderon are there now. They're so great. :) We helped them with ideas of how to help their investigators and headed back to Tambo! :) En la tarde* (*in the afternoon), we visited Xiara, a member who's preparing to get sealed to her husband this summer, and talked about temple blessings! Luego* (*Then), we had clases de ingles* (*English class) before going to visit Luis, converso* (*convert), y Jorge, less active, and teaching them about historia familiar* (*family history)! They're preparing to go to the temple on the ward temple trip in June! :)

On Sunday, meetings were great and all centered on family history!:) We had a consejo* (*counsel) with ward leaders and our stake president after church, so we fasted a bit more than 24 hours. After lunch, we contacted and visited a new investigator, Yoselyn, a 13 year old girl! We got to know her and talked about the LDM.* (*Book of Mormon) She was a reference from church today! :) Luego* (*Then), we made completos with her and Lyn, who gave us the reference. Good day. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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