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Week 67: Sun, Dust, and Cerros* (*Hills)

Click HERE to listen to Karissa's recording to accompany this update.

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Salmos* (*Psalms) 116: 12

P-Day* (*Monday/Preparation Day)! :) I arrived in Huanuco in the madrugada. We spent the day cleaning, unpacking, and talking with the pension (Maruja) and her daughter Marcia! :D Luego* (*Then), we visited Keidy and Yoris, members, and Kely, converso* (*convert), and talked with them, playing some games! And Maruja made us cinnamon rolls for dinner. :)

En Martes* (*On Tuesday), we went to the terminal super early to pick up some sisters, sent them off to their areas, studied, and went contacting! Have I mentioned how HOT it is here?! ESTOY SUDANDO BASTANTE* (*I’m Sweating so much!). AH. After lunch, we started our fast and hiked our area's huge hill to visit Karina, new investigator! We got to know her and taught her how to pray. :) Luego* (*Then), we visited Nilda, new investigator, and got to know her before going to Camila, converso* (*convert), and Yohari, investigator, and explaining la vida preterrenal* (*pre-earth life)! We then went to Kely, converso, and talked about el ayuno* (*the fast)! Despues* (*Afterwards), we went to Lupe, investigator, and Gustavo, new investigator, and getting to know them. :) Good day!

Wednesday! Happy birthday, Mum! :D We decided to start running today and I actually enjoyed it! Who am I?! Anyway, we contacted before lunch! Luego* (*Then), we visited Diego, investigator, and talked a bit about baptismal covenants and he accepted a fecha* (*baptismal date) for June 24th!:D He's super pilas! We then went to the chapel to practice a special musical number with the Pedro Puelles sisters for Sunday! We´re going to sing Savior, Redeemer of my Soul in español* (*Spanish)! :D We then ran to Leidy, menos active* (*less active), and got to know her. Para terminar el dia* (*At the end of the day), we visited Luis, converso, and talked about following the Prophet! :)

Jueves* (*Thursday)! We went running again today and contacted in the morning! :) In the tarde* (*afternoon), we visited Rosa, new investigator, and taught her about prayer and then hiked the cerro to visit Nayza, new investigator! where we talked about profetas* (*Prophets)! We then visited familia Encarnacion* (*Encarnacion Family), investigators (whose name ALWAYS reminds me of the song from Nacho Libre......) , talking about el dia de reposo* (*The Sabbath Day)! Luego* (*Then), we visited Querin, a really cool investigator, and talked about faith as a catalyst. :)

Friday was day 3 of running and weekly planning for week 2! WHERE DOES TIME GO? AH. After lunch, I started my fast and we contacted. :) Then we went to Pierina, converso, and taught her about family history and how to index! :D We then had English class (benefits of a ward with 4 gringo missionaries) and visited Alyson, new investigator! We got to know her and talked about our proposito* (*purpose). :)

Saturday! We're getting good at running now. :) We had a district meeting all morning! I finished my fast and we contacted. :) Todos nos fallaron hoy* (*We all failed today)! Bit of a hard day. But we visited Maria Teresa, new investigator, and got to know her, contacted in a park, and explored the cero* (*zone) before visiting Diego, investigator, and talking about enduring to the end. :)

Oh, Sundays. :D no hay mejores dias* (*There are no better days). We went to Barrio Pedro Puelles in the morning to help out with piano for their ward conference and sang the song we prepared on Wednesday! :D We had correlacion* (*correlation meeting) and met with Luis, converso, explaining temples before lunch! Our church starts at 3 pm (a bit odd). Anyways, in Sacrament no investigators had come and we started getting really down. Until I looked to the overflow and who came? QUERIN! And he came all by himself! Blessings are REAL. :)

LES QUIERO MUCHISIMO* (*I love you all so much). :D

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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