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Week 68: Return to the Jungle

Click HERE to listen to a voice recording from Karissa accompanying this week's update!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): 2 Nefi 22: 2

P-Day* (*Preparation Day- Monday)! :D I’ve officially been in Huanuco for one week now! Todavia no me acostumbro al calor, jaja* (*I am still not used to the heat, hahaha). We went to lunch and then went de compras* (*shopping)- printing out pictures, eating ice cream, and going to the artesan's house for some recuerdos* (*souvenirs)! :D Quite the productive Pday. :) We went out to work and contacted bastante* (*a lot), luego* (*then) visiting Bibiana, less active, talking about hope. :)

En Martes* (*On Tuesday), we spent the mañana* (*morning) in district meeting on creative contacting! After lunch, we decided to climb to the very top of our area's cerro* (*hill) and contact! :D This resulted in lots of dog attacks and little success, but it was quite brilliant. :) Todos* (*Every appointment) fell through, so we knocked lots of doors to no avail, finally finding Rosa, investigator, and talking about the LDM* (*Book of Mormon)! Luego* (*Then), we found Nilda, investigator, and talked about the importance of asking God! :) We also visited Lupita, investigator, and talked about la santa cena* (*the sacrament). :)

Wednesday began with a visit to Alyson, investigator! We explained the Restoration. She's not too interested yet- poco a poco* (*little by little). However, we both shared our testimonies and the Spirit was definitely there. :) En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we visited Camila, converso* (*convert), and Yohari, investigator, and talked about the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation)! Luego* (*Then), we sang and contacted in the park! Then we went to Kely, converso, and started teaching her- and her bed just fell apart! So we helped her clean up all the screws and then talked about templos* (*temples). :) Then, we headed to Luis Alberto, converso* (*convert), and talked about the 10 Mandamientos* (*Commandments). :)

Jueves* (*Thursday)! JUNE. WOW. Today, we traveled back to mi bonita* (*my beautiful) Selva- to a different part, Tingo Maria, to visit the sisters and do divisions! :) We got there for lunch! I went out proselyting with Hna Maia, from Brazil, who is SO AWESOME and totally pilas* (*energizing). :) Still in her training. We contacted almost all day! It was a cool experience- we found lots of people who were interested and lots of people that elders visited about a year ago! :D At night, I taught them how to play Phase 10! :D Fun day in Tingo!

On Friday, we went for a jungle run with our cameras! It's gorgeous aqui* (*here). :) After breakfast of tacacho (AMAZING banana selva food), we headed back to the dry heat of Huanuco! We visited Pierina, converso, and talked about technology and the obra missional* (*the missionary work)! :) We contacted and then had clases de ingles* (*English class) The turnout was much better and we made them popcorn. :) Good Viernes* (*Friday). :)

Sabado* (*Saturday)! Today was a good testimony of after much tribulation come the blessings. :) In the morning, we almost got bitten by dogs and weekly planned! Then, after lunch, one of my hnas had health issues so I tried to help her out a bit and then we visited Yuliza, investigator, who just had a baby and read the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) to her! Then, everyone fell through. DISCOURAGING. So we contacted lots and then went to see if an old contact was there and found 4 nuevos* (*new), a family to teach! :D Nataly, Julia, Pedro, and Luciano . :D We talked about our proposito and got to know them! :) Luego, we visited Diego, investigator, and had the most amazing lesson! THE SPIRIT WAS LITERALLY TANGIBLE. :) He opened up to us and shared his deepest fears of baptism and we were able to comfort, strengthen, and testify to him! :) Then we visited Luis Alberto, converso, and talked about la obra missional* (*missionary work). :) FANTASTIC day. :)

DOMINGO* (*Sunday)! We contacted and studied lots. I've been really into studying Isaiah recently and I enjoyed it greatly. :) Church was great and Diego came! The elders also were able to give him a blessing of comfort that I believe really helped him out. :) No puedo quejarme, era una semana chevere* (*I cannot complain, it was a great week!). :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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