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Week 73: Rojo, Blanco, y Azul* (*Red, White, and Blue)

Click HERE to listen to Karissa's voice recording to accompany this week's blog update.

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): John 20: 27

Pday* (*Preparation Day)! :D Today, my new comp, Hna Orellana, got here! :D She's from Ecuador (my third comp from there!) and has 5 months in the M.P.H.* (*Mission Peru Huancayo) :D We spent most of the day making sure all the hermanas traveled to their new areas and watched some church videos with our pension! Luego* (*Then), we visited Luis Alberto, converso* (*convert), and taught him how to really study the scriptures through footnotes, which ended up with us talking about weaknesses and their potential to become our strengths. :)

FREEDOM DAY! :D All I did for the 4th was listen to the national anthem as sung by MoTab* (*Mormon Tabernacle Choir) dressed in rojo, blanco, y azul* (*red, white and blue). hahaha. But SHOUTOUT TO THE AMAZING FOUNDING FATHERS who gave us such a great constitution that allowed for the restoration of the Gospel! :D i love them. Anyway, we had a district meeting and THE. ROSA. CASTRO. from Oxapampa , my rescue, got to call me and GUESS WHAT! TODAY she entered the CCM* (*Mission Training Center) in Peru to go serve as a missionary in Bolivia! :D I could not be more proud of her. :) It was SO sweet to be able to say goodbye and wish her luck!!! <3 We ended up visiting lots of members today so Hna Orellana could get to know them. :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday) began with us contacting and buying our tickets to go to Huancayo!!! After lunch, todos* (*everything) fell through. This was a bit rough, but we kept going and eventually found Yojari, investigator! We taught her about the Restoration. :) Then we visited Bibiana and Fabio, less actives, and read Matthew 7! Para terminar el dia* (*At the end of the day), we had a noche de hogar* (*family home evening) with our pension Maruja and her husband Jose, new investigator! We talked about faith and the importance of taking our questions and doubts to God. :) He promised to ask God to know the truth! :) It's so brilliant to give that invitation- to simply ask of God. He can tell us truth and he DOES listen. :)

Jueves* (*Thursday) was a fantastic day! I took Orellana to explore our cerro* (*hill) in the morning and we got eaten alive by mosquitos, but still FUN! En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we contacted and then visited Diego, converso* (*convert)! We talked about the priesthood and the plan of salvation. He looks SO much happier now after his baptism! :D Then, we visited ANA, investigator and my favorite human, and she presented us to her sister Xiomara, new investigator! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation. :) They're SO brilliant and SO prepared. :) Ana's only question today was, ´When can my daughter be baptized too?' AH. TAN LINDA.* (*SO SWEET.) :D

Friday! We weekly planned for week 2 in the mañana* (*morning). After lunch, Orellana was feeling a bit sick, so we stayed and she rested up a bit. :) We contacted after and then had clases de musica e ingles* (*music and English classes)!!! In music, I taught the notes on piano and guitar and English class was a hilarious riot as usual. :) Good day!!!

On Saturday, we visited the hnas of Pedro Puelles because Hna Calderon's back has been bothering her. :( After lunch, we went to visit a cool contact we made the other day- and we went to their house and discovered pictures of temples- turns out they're less actives! So we got to know them- Janet y Nelva. Luego* (*Then), we contacted in the feria* (*fair) lots! We finished up the day by going to the festival de danzas de la JAS* (*Dance festival of the Young Single Adults) with Pierina, Kely, Camila, and Luis Alberto, conversos* (*converts)! And Diego participated in the dance! It was a super fun stake activity and the ward was so animado* (*lively)! :D

DOMINGO* (*SUNDAY)! Ah I love domingos* (*Sundays). Clelia, the bishop’s wife, gave us lunch today! And at church, Ana and Xiomara and Yojari and Lupita came, so we had 4 there for sacrament meeting! :D Progress!!! And then came the miracle! After church, Ana and Xiomara came up to us. And Ana wants to move up her baptismal date to the 29th de Julio* (*July 29th)!!! And Xiomara wants to get baptized WITH her on the same date! :DDDDD ohhhh i was so happy. They are just such amazing people and God has blessed me infinitely by just putting them in my path. :D We traveled at night by bus to Huancayo, where I am right now- back home in Tambo! :D And Vallejo, my old comp from Cerro, is here now so I got to see her again. :D

God just is really blessing us lately. <3

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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