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Week 75: The River Incident of Kotosh

Click HERE to listen to Karissa's recording to go with this week's update.

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): DyC* (*D&C) 128: 22

Pday* (*Preparation Day)! Today, we went de compras en la mañana* (*shopping in the morning) and then I made french toast for lunch! :D Then we headed over to Kotosh for our district Pday! We played lots of volleyball, took pictures, and walked by the river... resulting in the camera of yours truly being dropped and falling into the RIVER... :( But HEY! We put it in rice for 2 days and it WORKS PERFECTLY! :D Bendiciones* (*Blessings)!!!! :) We then visited our investigator Xiomara and taught her about the word of wisdom, diezmos* (*tithing) and ayuno* (*fasting), and the power of prayer! :D

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting on consagracion* (*consecration) that was just brilliant! :) After lunch, we had a hard time finding people to teach. But we KEPT ON GOING and visited Ana, investigator, and taught her about obedience, the Word of Wisdom, tithing and fasts! :) She's so great, en serio* (*really). We spent the rest of the day working on her wedding plans! :) Who ever knew it would be so complicated to wedding plan in Peru without internet? :) PERO SI SE PUEDE* (*But we can do it)!

Wednesday began with the long journey to TINGO MARIA for divisions! :) I went with Hna Beltran to proselyte! We also taught an investigator that said last week that she didn't want to listen anymore. But we taught her about her purpose here en la tierra* (*on the earth) and she was just AMAZED. She said that she didn't know it before and that now she's committed to follow Christ's example and get baptized. :D I really think sometimes we take this amazing knowledge we have for granted. Que triste* (*very sad). because it is the most marvelous message out there. :)

Jueves* (*Thursday)! We traveled back to Huanuco in the morning, getting back just before lunch! :) we went with Luis Alberto, converso* (*convert), to the family history center and showed him how to index. :) Then, Hna Orellana took off to Lima for immigrations, so I stayed with Hna Beltran here in Alameda! EXTENDED DIVISIONS. :)

El Viernes* (*On Friday) I weekly planned solita* (*by myself) in the morning (due to lack of compañera* (*companion)) and graded hna Beltran's English exams! :) After almuerzo* (*lunch), we visited Yojari, investigator, and talked about the importancia del bautismo* (*importance of baptism)! She accepted a baptismal date for August 26th! :) We then went to Xiomara! She's just the greatest tender mercy. :) We taught her the 10 mandamientos* (*commandments), Sabbath day observance, and obedience! :) She gets EVERYTHING so quickly! And she's so excited for her baptism next Thursday! :D We then taught music and English classes. Great day. :)

On Saturday, we went and picked up the hnas that had gone to Lima! Due to the viaje* (*trip), my comp got back very tired and thus rested up a bit. :) En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we went to the capilla* (*chapel) to help the central hnas set up for their baptism! Ana and Xiomara came to see it and LOVED IT. :) They both said that the Spirit was very strong throughout the service. :) And now they're even MORE excited! :D Luego* (*Then), the ward had a relay activity, so we stayed and helped out! And Xiomara's mom, who hasn't wanted to listen or support her daughter much, came to the activity and really enjoyed it! :D Just brilliant. :D

DOMINGO! Anyway. We had correlacion* (*correlation meeting) in the morning for a while and then lunch with the relief society president and our pension! Then, I felt pretty sick so I rested up for about a half hour before going to the capilla* (*church)! And Xiomara and her siblings came... and surprise--surprise, THEIR MOM (Vilma) SHOWED UP! :D And she said that she really liked it! That's a miracle. A straight up miracle. :)

les amooooooo, que tengan una semana incredible* (*I love you, have an incredible week)!!!

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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