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Week 19: Oxa Round 4 with Hermana Sinks!

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): Moroni 7: 45, DyC 127: 7

P-day! :) Last P-day, we cleaned, did Internet, and exchanged and printed photos before a lunch of tacos de chorizo. Normal. :) Afterward, we bought more yarn (because we have fully converted into little old cholitas now) and relaxed for a while. Despues* (*Then), we went to la capilla* (*the chapel) and played volleyball with the elders and lots of Oxapampinos for three hours. Era tan chevere* (*it was very cool), even though it made us incredibly cansada* (*tired)! Despues, we went to a noche de hogar* (*Home Evening) at Obispo’s* (*The Bishop’s house) with Paola, a less active, and Carmen, a less active, and the elderes and we taught about Alma 36 and the potential we all have to change for the better and the power of the Expiacion* (*Atonement). We ate rellenitas and talked, finding out that Elder Riser would be training here in Oxa next transfer and Hernandez will be leaving, making us pretty anxious to hear about cambio* (*transfers) tomorrow! It was a fantastic and relaxing day. :)

Martes* (*Tuesday) absolutely flew by. In the morning, we visited our investigador* (*investigator) Jose and taught him about el arrepentimiento* (*repentance), and he made us quito quito as a farewell to whoever would go! After lunch, we visited our recent rescue Rosa C. and taught her about el sacerdocio* (*the priesthood) before visiting Carmen, our favorite viejita* (*old lady) less active. We taught her about la fe en Jesucristo* (*faith in Jesus Christ) and chatted with her before getting the call about cambios* (*transfers)- Hna Alva going to Huancayo Central to be with Hna Kreutzer (who I was with in Lima) and me staying here to be with Hna Holden! We spent the night packing and being a bit sad, we got quite used to one another over these four months. However, I’m incredibly grateful to have found my best friend here on the mission and to have been blessed with three cambios together! :) We leave early tomorrow- me da pena* (*makes me sad), but I know it’s for a reason. :)

Miercoles* (*Wednesday), we left early and received a call that they messed up the cambios- that I would actually be with Hermana Sinks here in Oxa, not Hermana Holden! We got to La Merced and I sent Alva off to Huancayo. Our zone’s changing lots- a new zone leader, a mini missionary with Butterfield, our district leader, a new missionary in La Merced, and a new elder (Elder Rocco) training here in Oxa; and for the sisters, they were taken out of both Villa Rica and La Merced. I went with Cushcagua and Gaspar to San Ramon, where we awaited Hermana Sinks, and then the two of us traveled back to Oxa! She’s super white too, she’s got 15 months in the mission and goes home next transfer. She’s from Colorado. Fun things. :) After lunch, we went to Brigitt, a recent convert, and taught her about el proposito misiona* (*missionary purpose) and the importance of orando, leyendo, y asistiendo la capilla* (*prayer, reading, and attending church) before going to Maria, a less active, and talking about prayer. Despues, we visited Verenisse and did a preentrevista bautismal con ella* (*pre-baptismal interview) and introduced Sinks to the whole Galindo family. To finish off the day, we visited Rita and talked more about the Diez Mandamientos* (*Ten Commandments) and DyC 6* (*Doctrine & Covenants Chapter 6). Oxa Round Four ha empezado* (*has begun)! :)

Jueves* (*Thursday)! In the morning, we took Rosa C. with us to visit Katty P., a less active, and we taught her about the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation) and challenged her to come to church this Sunday, and she accepted! :) Following that, we visited Mariella, a recent convert, and taught her about servicio* (*service). After almuerzo* (*lunch), we visited our investigadora Angelica and taught her about bautismo*(*baptism) and challenged her to be baptized, and she accepted! :) Despues, we visited with the hilarious viejita Carmen and taught about verdadero arrepentimiento* (*true repentance) before going to Celeste y Arletti and Jelena (two investigators) and teaching them about bautismo. Following this, we went to Rosicela, our investigadora, and taught her about the importance of leyendo* (*reading) in establishing a relationship with God. Then, we visited Andrea, our investigadora, and taught her about fe* (*faith) and the proposito misional before having noche de deporte* (*sports night) and playing bastante volley* (*a lot of volleyball). Chevere day* (*great day). :) I’m a big fan of Hermana Sinks! Oxa round 4 will be a good time. :)

En Viernes* (*On Friday), we went and visited with Rosa C., our recent rescue, and read the Cristo Viviente* (*Living Christ) with her before going all over Oxa to no avail. Despues de bastante caminando* (*Then, after enough walking), we taught Vanessa, a less active, about la fe and its importance to bring to pass action. Following this, the power went out in Oxa, and we went and visited our fantastic investigador Jose and taught him about el don del espiritu santo* (*the gift of the Holy Spirit) and halfway through, the power came back! Bendiciones* (*Blessings). :) Despues, tuvimos Noche Misional* (*Then, we had a mission night), where we talked about the importance of doing the little things like praying, reading, and assisting in our lives and played a very competitive game of Pictionary. Era bacancito* (*extra great). :)

En Sabado* (*On Saturday), we went to Villa Rica in the morning and had a reunion de distrito* (*district reunion); now a very small district of yo y* (*me and) Sinks, E’ Riser and Rocco, and E’ Butterfield and his mini missionary. We had a capacitacion* (*training) on personal study and discussed our investigators before heading back to Oxa. Then we visited Durania and Willy, our investigators, and read and explained La Familia con ellos* (*The Proclamation on the Family with them)! Despues, we visited Jocelyn, a recent convert, and taught her about family history y la obra vicaria* (*and temple work). Following this, we visited Mariella, a recent convert, and read FLJ * (*For the Strength of Youth) with her before going to Verenisse and teaching her about the Diez Mandamientos and talking a bit. :) In Clase de Ingles* (*English Class), we taught English testimonies before teaching Rita, Hedvit, y Filimon (less actives) about templos y ordenanzas y convenios* (*temples, ordinances and covenants). Chevere y chistoso dia, pe* (*Great and humorous date). :)

Domingo* (*Sunday)! This week went SO FAST it’s insane. After chevere reuniones en la capilla* (*great meetings at the church) and lunch of causa (my favorite), we visited Geraldine, a recent convert, and taught her about La Restauracion* (*The Restoration)! Despues, we visited Edilia, our investigadora, and read La Familia con ella and her member RM* (*returned missionary) husband and talked about the importance of convenios* (*covenants) and bautismo- and ella misma* (*she, herself) put her own fecha bautimsal* (*baptismal date) for the 30th of July! :) I’m incredibly happy about it. :) Despues, we had consejo de barrio* (*ward council) before wandering all of Oxa in the rain to no success due to the Copa America* (*America Cup) final between Chile y Argentina. Good day, good week. :) I love the area, I love the people, I love my new comp Hna Sinks; and, above all else, I love the work. :) ALL’S WELL IN THE AMAZON!

Con todo mi amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With all my love and my prayers for ever and ever),

Hermana Karissa Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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