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Week 21: Si necesitas reggaeton, DALE!* (*If you need reggaeton, Dale!)

(This title has nothing to do with this week, it’s just a great Peruvian reggaeton song that we’ve been constantly quoting lately)

Pensamientos Espirituales for your semana* (*Spiritual Thoughts for your week):

  • Isaiah 55:12,

  • Mormon 8:22,

  • DyC 90:24,

  • Mormon 5:23,

  • Alma 36:3

The P-day of the free! On the Fourth of July, we dressed in red, white, and blue and cleaned, did Internet, and had lunch of tacos de chorizo before changing and taking motos to the mini-zoologico* (*mini-zoo) Casablanca, where we played with monkeys and held parrots!!! Era chevere* (*It was cool). One of the monkeys loved me and did basically everything I said, so I felt like a monkey whisperer. :) Despues* (*Then), we went to a new ice cream place here run by a man from Milan, Italy- it was the most DELICIOUS ice cream I’ve had here! We then played cards in the campo* (*field) for a while. Good times. :) We later taught our investigadora* (*investigator) Claudia the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation) before going and eating pizza at La Nonna. Chevere P-day! :)

En Martes* (*On Tuesday), we visited our less actives Miguel y* (*and) Anabel en la manana* (*in the morning) and taught them about the importance of the Sabbath Day and its observance. Despues de almuerzo* (*After lunch), we walked all over Oxa in the burning hot sol* (*sun) to no avail, stopping for a cold Coke on the way to Lydia, our less active. We taught her about the Diez Mandamientos* (*Ten Commandments) before going to Celeste and Arletti, our investigator, teaching them about the benificio* (*benefit) of seminaries. Despues, we visited Maruja, a recent rescue, and read Alma 5 con ella* (*with her). En siguiente* (*Next), we visited with Verenisse and talked with her about el perdon* (*forgiveness), sharing a Mensaje Mormon* (*Mormon Message) with her and chatting for a while. Chevere y chistoso dia* (*Great and humorous day)! :)

En Miercoles* (*On Wednesday), we were supposed to have a multizone, but it got rescheduled for Saturday! Entonces, en la manana fuimos por Sylvia* (*Then in the morning we met with Sylvia), a recent rescue, and we read the Book of Mormon with her. :) Despues de almuerzo, we went to Carmen, a less active, and her daughter Coxy, our nueva* (*new) investigadora, and read Eter 12 and talked about fe con ellas* (*faith with them)! En siguiente, we went to Mariella and finished reading FLJ con ella* (*For the Strength of Youth with her) before going to Grace, a less active, and teaching her about la importancia de la educacion del FLJ* (*the importance of education from the Strength of Youth). Despues, we visited Familia Arrieta* (*The Arrieta Family), less actives, and watched the Mensaje Mormon Escoged Hoy con ellos* (*The Mormon Message – Choose Today – with them). :) A tiring day with bastante caminando* (*a lot of walking), but nevertheless a good one!

Jueves* (*Thursday), we started the day with service with Sylvia! We helped her make her manualidades* (*crafts); I glued bottle caps onto frames while Sinks glued on notebook covers. Era bacan* (*Very cool)! :) After lunch, we walked a while before visiting Arletti, our investigadora. We talked with her about tecnologia de FLJ* (*technology from The Strength of Youth) and how it can be used for bien y mal* (*good or bad). Despues, we visited Angelica B., a less active que tenemos* (*we have), and read 1 Ne 2 with her, discussing obedience y la disposicion de nuestras corazones* (*obedience and the disposition of our hearts). Following this, we planned a game of Jeopardy for tomorrow’s Noche Misional* (*Mission Night) and played volley! :)

Viernes* (*Friday)! In the morning, we traveled to La Merced for a Conferencia de Multizona* (*Multizone Conference)! Pte. Y Hna. Silva* (*President and Sister Silver – the new mission president) presented themselves and their family, we took pictures of the zonas, and we ate lunch! Hna Silva and their 3 year old daughter Rachel sat with us, and Rachel was quietly playing with her stuffed bunny “Rabbito” and I got her to talk to me! :) Hna Silva shared with me that this is the only multizona she’s talked in and we’re the only missionaries she’s talked to. Hilarious. Despues, she even asked her parents if we could come with them! :) That’s how I won the heart and trust of a 3 year old. Accomplishment! Despues, we traveled back to Oxa and visited Lydia, a less active, and showing her the video Escoged Hoy* (*Choose Today) before going to Noche Misional and playing a very competitive game of Gospel Jeopardy. :)

En Sabado* (*On Saturday), we had usual studies, planificacion seminal* (*weekly planning), and almuerzo before visiting our recent rescue Rosa C. and reading 3 Ne 14 with her! :) Despues, we took her with us to visit Rosa A., a less active, and we read Mosiah 18 with her and talked about convenios bautismales que hemos hecho con Dios* (*baptismal covenants we have made with God) and the importance of keeping them. Following this, we visited Maruja, menos active* (*less active), and read Alma 32 con ella. En siguiente, we went to clase de Ingles* (*English class) and taught about conversations before visiting Celeste y Arletti, our investigadora, and teaching her about the importancia of la familia del FLJ* (*The Importance of the Family from the Strength of Youth). :)

En Domingo* (*On Sunday), we had normal reunions en la capilla* (*meetings in the chapel) and taught the parable of the Ten Virgins and being prepared in Sociedad de Socorro* (*Relief Society)! This lesson was a surprise, given to us two minutes before class started, but it ended up working out. :) Following lunch, we left to La Merced for a transmitido capacitacion de area*(*Transmitted training for the area) from the Area Seventies of Sudamerica Noroeste (SANO) about the Plan de Area for this year and its implementation process. After those few hours, we traveled with Hnas Cushcagua and Canari to San Ramon, where we ate dinner and spent the night. Due to the insane heat here, I barely slept at all- pero, esta bueno* (*but it’s all good). I’m a fan of the San Ramon sisters. :)

Today, Cushcagua taught me basic salsa in the morning! Era bacan. :) We’re in La Merced for internet and Zone P-day, where we should be going to a waterfall and a native community, where you can hold BOAS! Entonces, lo maximo* (*maximum coolness). :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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