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Week 26: I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pop! – Derek Zoolander/ Hermana Schmid

This quote has never been more applicable in my life because I’m in a cold mining town and I’ve got a CRAZY cough and cold. It’s lo maximo* (*the ultimate). :)

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts):

  • “It is given unto you to judge, that ye may know good from evil; and the way to judge is as plain, that you may know with a perfect knowledge, as the daylight is from the dark night.” Moroni 7:15

  • “We do not discard something we know to be true because of something we do not yet understand.”- Anderson

P-day! The day started off normally, with studies and cleaning, before we travelled to San Juan for Internet! The internet’s faster here!:) Despues* (*Then), we came back to Centro and I bought a CDP* (*Cerro de Pasco) hat and shampoo and conditioner. Then we went back to San Juan and met as a zone for really expensive pollo a la brasa* (*grilled chicken), and then we all went to the Machu Picchu chapel in San Juan and played chair soccer for hours! All the running didn’t help my gripe* (*flu), but it was incredibly fun. :) We then visited our investigator Iris and explained tithing!

En Martes* (*On Tuesday), after chevere* (*great) studies of Ensign and Italian, we visited our investigadora* (*investigator) Iris and explained ayuno* (*fasting)! After lunch, we contacted before visiting a less active, Olinda, and reading 1 Nefi 1 with her. Luego* (*Then), we visited our investigator Jeny P. and her daughters and I had a cool experience. When we started teaching repentance, Alma 36 came to my head, but I brushed it off due to the children there. Jeny expressed some family problems and a fear that people can’t change to become better, and Alma 36 came right back with fuerza* (*force). I shared it, and the lesson was incredibly spiritual. Everyone can change. Every single person. How hopeful is that message that we are trusted to bring? :) Luego, we visited Dalia and Gisela, two new investigators, and talked with them about the power of the Atonement to lift our burdens. :)

Wednesday! In the morning, we visited a new investigator, Evelyn, and taught her about prayer and the Trinity. After lunch, we took the zone leaders who we split an area with (Elders Albrecht and Chujo) with us to give a blessing of consuelo* (*comfort) to our investigator Dalia, who’s passing through lots of troubles. Despues, we visited a less active, Sonia, and taught her about the Reinos de Gloira* (*Realms of Glory) before taking Betto, our mission leader, with us to visit our investigators Jeny and Delsy! :) We taught them about works of righteousness… and they accepted a baptismal date for September 3rd! :) We’ll be working hard with them to help them reach this goal. Chevere dia* (*wonderful day). :)

Thursday! Bernal got hit HARD with my cold today, so we spent the morning inside; her resting and me studying DyC and my Italian LDM* (*Book of Mormon). :) After lunch, we visited our investigator Milagros and taught her about pre-earth life and why we’re here. It was a lesson in which I opened my mouth and knew exactly what to say and when to say it. The Spirit is SO powerful. :) Luego, we visited our investigator Iris and read her lectura del LDM* (*Readings of the Book of Mormon) before going to our investigator Josefina and teaching about the Second Coming and the Millennium. Despues, we visited a recent convert, Isabel, and shared parts of Ether 12 before visiting Milagros B., less active, and reading 1 Nefi 1. :)

On Viernes* (*On Friday), we had normal studies, weekly planning, and lunch! Both Bernal and I are sick. It’s kinda hilarious all the toilet paper we use to blow our noses and the constant coughing. :) We contacted for an hour before visiting our investigator Delsy and teaching her about the sacerdocio* (*priesthood) and our role as women in supporting and sustaining it. :) Despues, every cita fijada* (*scheduled appointment) we had fell through, so we visited our investigator Iris and talked about the importance of scripture study and walked lots before visiting our new investigator, Jose! We presented ourselves and talked about prayer and gaining our own testimonies. :) It’s gotten lots colder here- today, there was rain and hail! I loved it- hail kind of looks like snow. I miss snow. :) Sin embargo* (*However), we came home SOAKED!

Sabado* (*Saturday)! We started the day with a zone conference in San Juan with capacitaciones* (*trainings) on obedience. We also picked a zone name- Mohonrimoriancumr, the Brother of Jared! :) After lunch, we started a mission-wide special fast for our mission and our missionaries. :) We visited Raquel, an investigator, and talked lots about prophets before going to our new investigator Bety and getting to know her and talking about prayer. Despues, fuimos a* (*went to) Iris and Milly, investigators, and we talked about santificando el Dia de Reposo* (*sanctifying the Sabbath day). :) Luego, we visited Lucero, a less active, and talked about obedience before visiting our new investigator, Dana, and talking about prayer and the Church. :) THREE new investigators today! And it hailed again! :)

On Sunday, we had normal church reunions in our ayuno* (*fasting)! It was great- Josefina and Iris, two of our investigators, came to church! :) After church and lunch, we all left Cerro de Pasco for the 3 hour drive to Huanuco. We’re in the HEAT right now in Huanuco, and Hermana Keeler is here, my best friend from the jungle, so it’s been incredibly fun. :) We are having a multi-zone pday today and playing sports here and tomorrow is a multizone! It’s weird coming from cold altura back to heat, but it’s a good time. :)

Fun facts: In Oxa, everyone called me PUSHUKA (from Pozuzo, a German colony) and here they all call me Barbie and Muneca* (*doll). I’m the only gringa. It’s funny. :)

I love Cerro de Pasco, despite the cold and my constant gripe* (*flu); I love my compi * (*companion) tons and we laugh lots and disfrutar el tiempo* (*enjoy the time); I love this work. :) Weekly advice? Enjoy the little things and be the change you wish to see in the world. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones* (*with love and my prayers),

Hermana Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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