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Week 28: Tacos, Tres Leches, and Iris’s Baptism!

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts) for this week: Romans 8: 38-39

P-day! :) Today, we went to Huayllay as a zone, a bosque de piedras* (*a stone forest)! :) We hiked, walked lots, ate lunch, and climbed muchas piedras* (*many stones). It was warmer in Huayllay than it is in C.D.P.* (*Cerro de Pasco), and it was SUPER chevere* (*cool)! :) We got back to Centro, went shopping, and got ready to proselyte. We first visited our investigator Iris and did her pre-entrevista bautismal* (*pre-baptsimal interview)… and she passed!!! :) Her interview final is tomorrow. She’s super happy and excited. :) Luego* (*Then), we visited Kris, less active, and taught the Evangelio de Jesucristo* (*Gospel of Jesus Christ). Fantastic P-day. :)

On Tuesday, we started the day with a district meeting in San Juan! We had a capacitacion* (*training) on helping investigators meet their fechas bautismales* (*baptism dates) and talked about our investigators before returning home to Centro for lunch. Luego, we visited our recent convert Tom and taught him about the law of Chastity before going to our investigadora* (*investigator) Iris and teaching about temples, historia familiar* (*family history), and eternal marriage! :) We then visited our investigators Bety and Miley and taught about the naturaleza de Dios* (*nature of God) and how the Gospel blesses families. Despues* (*Then), we went to Jeny and Delsy, investigadoras, and read El LDM* (*The Book of Mormon) before going to the chapel for Iris’s baptismal interview… WHICH SHE PASSED!!! :) Era una dia cheverasso* (*It was a fabulous day).

En Miercoles* (*On Wednesday), we visited a new investigator, Edith M., after studies, and taught her about the nature of God before contacting an area with bastante* (*a lot of) DOGS. Agresivos* (*Aggressive). Da miedo* (*Very scary). After lunch, we visited Lesly, a recent convert, and taught the Family Proclamation before going to Luz, a less active, and her friend Rita, a new investigator, and reading 2 Nefi 31! :) Luego, we visited our investigator Iris and talked about ensenanza* (*teaching) and aprendizaje* (*learning) and enduring to the end. :) Then we went to Fam. Lopez and made TACOS with them for a noche de hogar* (*family night)! Benefits of having a Mexican compi* (*companion). :) IT WAS TAN RICO* (*so great)!

Jueves* (*Thursday)! I was going to teach kickboxing in the morning for service, but it fell through and we contacted in Buenos Aires for un buen rato* (*a good time)! :) After lunch, we visited our investigator Milagros V. and taught her about temples and family history! :) Luego, we visited Jeny C., less active, and taught about the Atonement before going to Iris. She was a little bit afraid for her baptism tomorrow and had lots of doubts, so we helped comfort her. Then we visited our investigator Josefina and read 2 Nefi 32 con ella* (*with her) before visiting Ada, less active, and talking about faith. :) Despues, Satan started working HARD on Iris, packing her schedule FULL for tomorrow and causing us TONS of stress, but it all ended up working out through a series of around 6 calls in an hour. God’s much more powerful than Satan. :) That was manifest to us today. :)

Friday was also super stressful- but fantastic! :) After studies, weekly planning, and lunch, we went and bought a tres leches torta for Iris and prepared everything! The water was SUPER cold, but Iris is a champ. :) After two charlas* (*talks), Obispo baptized Iris! She was really cold, but she came out of the water with the biggest smile. :) After, she bore her testimony and we all ate cake and drank hot chocolate. :) Although preparing and executing the baptism was SUPER STRESSFUL, the Spirit was so strong and we’re so happy for Iris. :) Luego, we visited la familia de Rebecca* (*the family of Rebecca), investigators, and talked about faith before visiting Lucero, less active, and teaching the Ten Commandments. :) Fantastic day! :)

Sabado* (*Saturday)! In the morning, we visited Lesly, recent convert, and read her lectura del LDM* (*readings of the Book of Mormon) before going and buying ingredients for pizza for our district p-day Monday and getting followed by a drunk guy. Adventures. :) After lunch, we visited the familia Espana, less actives, and taught them about family history y la obra vicaria* (*and temple work)! Luego, we were walking through the Mercado* (*market) and DE LA NADA* (*out of no where) a ton of cold water got dumped on my head, so as we journeyed to San Juan for a stake relief society activity, I was freezing and soaked. Fun times, haha. :) I played volleyball for barrio Cerro de Pasco* (*the Cerro de Pasco district) in a skirt (also adventures) and Iris, RECENT CONVERT, and Jeny, investigator, came! The ward did a really good job helping them feel welcome. :) Upon return, we visited Milagros, less active, and taught the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation) before visiting Sonia, less active, and teaching about faith and repentance. :)

On Sunday, Iris got confirmed at church! :) After normal reunions, consejo* (*counseling), and lunch, we contacted before visiting Miguel, recent convert, and teaching the Ten Commandments before going to Olga, new investigator, and getting to know her! :) Luego, we visited Dora, less active, and talked about templos y sus bendiciones* (*temples and blessings). We finished off the day visiting our investigator Delsy and talking about obediencia* (*obedience). :) I really love it here in Cerro de Pasco. Sure, it has its challenges, like the clima por ejemplo* (*weather for example), but I absolutely love it. :)

This week, I’ve been reflecting a bit on the fact that we are children of God. We are literally sons and daughters of Diety. How powerful is that knowledge that we have? We are children of a God destined to become gods ourselves and nobody can take this divine identity away from us. This week and always, remember who you are: a child of a Heavenly King. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and prayers for ever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Italic translations by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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