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Week 40: Oooohhhhh, We´re Halfway There...

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): 2 Nephi 4: 15- 16

P-Day! :D We made pizza with Erika and some lady in the mercado* (*market) tried to recruit me to her modeling agency in Lima. Oh, the power of the gringa jaja. :) We then went with their family to Pucara, a little pueblito* (*village) at the very end of our area, to pasear* (*walk) and then to some ancient ruisns* (*ruins) in Huari! It was a fantastic day. I love my Chilca family. :) Despues* (*Then), we ended up contacting and teaching Lucia, new investigator, before going to an NDH* (*Family Home Evening) at a member's house and reading 3 Nefi 4. Una P-day baccan* (*a great preparation day). :)

En Martes* (*On Tuesday), Aramayo and I gave the district meeting training on applying personal studies in our own lives! :) It was super last-minute because they told us an hour in advance, but it went great! :D After lunch, we visited Edu, converso* (*convert), and taught him the Plan of Salvacion* (*Salvation) before going to Jeffrey, converso, and discussing la obra vicaria* (*vicarious work)! Luego* (*Then), we visited Rubi, new investigator, and taught her about the power of prayer! :) We went to Paulina, investigator, and explained La Restauracion* (*The Restoration) before visiting our investigator, Eddy, and reading the intro to the LDM* (*Book of Mormon). :)

On Wednesday, I officially hit 9 months in the mission!!! :D Not really sure how time passed SO quickly. I feel like I just got here and now I´m halfway. Time has FLOWN and I've loved every second. :) We contacted before lunch and despues visited Anajulia, converso, and read her LDM! We then went to Luz Maria, less active, and talked about la obediencia* (*obedience) before going to Elizabeth, menos active* (*less active), and her hijo* (*son) Mario, investigator, and explaining the Restauracion! :) Luego, we visited our less active Sylvia and talked about service en la Iglesia* (*in the church) and finished up the day visiting Bertha, investigator, and reading the Family Proclamation. :)

Thursday! We contacted in the morning and after lunch we visited our less active Severina and taught her about la caridad* (*charity)! Despues, we visited Jeffrey, converso, and read the LDM before going to our investigator Lucia and explaining the restauracion! :) We gave her an LDM and she's pretty animada* (*excited)! :) We then went to Eddy, investigator, and explained what happens after we die before traveling lejos* (*far) to Fam. Boza, investigators, and teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. :) Good day!

Friday! Today we planned for WEEK 5 of this transfer. Woah. This cambio* (*transfer) has gone SO fast. After lunch, we went to Fam. Asto, less actives, and talked about la fe* (*faith) and contacted for a bit before visiting our investigator, Rubi, and explaining La Restuaracion! :) She's fantastic and has LOTS of good questions. We visited Tania, a member, and talked to her for a bit (member lessons are the BEST and help build lots of confianza* (*confidence)!) before contacting some more. :)

En Sabado* (*On Saturday), we spent all morning doing servicio* (*service) for our pension and helping her decorate and make treats for her son Edu's birthday party! :) After lunch, we had zero luck in finding people, so we contacted before correlacion* (*correlation meeting)! Despues, we visited Elizabeth, less active, and her son Mario, investigator, and explained la importancia de la fe* (*the importance of faith). :) Our citas* (*appointments) fell through de nuevo* (*again), so we contacted mas en el parque* (*in the park) before going to our less active Luz Maria and talking about la Expiacion de Cristo* (*the Atonement of Christ). :)

En Domingo* (*On Sunday), we had great church meetings! :) After lunch, we contacted before visiting Familia Rios* (*The Rios family), members, and talking about paciencia* (*patience) and the attributes of Christ! :) Despues, we went to our investigators, Fam. Boza, and finished explaining the Evangelio de Cristo* (*Gospel of Christ) before contacting! :) We've been doing a lot of finding work lately, hopefully it starts bringing results. :) To finish off the day, we visited Luz Maria, less active, and talked about la Ley de Castidad* (*The Law of Chastity).

"To effectively serve others we must see them through a parent´s eyes, through Heavenly Father's eyes. Only then can we begin to comprehend the true worth of a soul. Only then can we sense the love that Heavenly Father has for all of His children." – Renlund

We need to change our perspective and look at ourselves and others through Heaven's eyes. In this, we will not only be able to see our own divine worth and potential, but also the divine worth of others. Then, and only then, can we effectively serve and love. :)

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas * (*With love and my prayers forever and ever), Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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