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Week 44: What will you give?

Pensamientos Espirituales* (*Spiritual Thoughts): John 3: 16

P-Day! :D Today, we spent the day in the mission house practicing for the Christmas program and eating anticuchos* (*barbecue) of horse heart! Actually quite good. :) We then went with Hnas Keeler and Espinoza to a FANTASTIC french-style crepe place in San Carlos before journeying back to good 'ol Chilca! Tuvimos un noche de hogar* (*We had a family night) with our investigator Maria about the importance of families before helping Jessica, member, with her mission papers. :)

Tuesday! We visited Hna Pachis, a member (the elders´old pension) who just had a major surgery and talked with her for a while before visiting with Erika and talking about trials and their proposito* (*purpose). :) We then contacted and went to Rosalia, less active, and got to know her! Despues, fuimos a Familia Llacua, conversos/menos activos* (*Afterwards, we went to the Llacua family, converts/less active), and taught them la restauracion* (*the restoration). :)

En Miercoles* (*On Wednesday), we had practice again for the missionary Christmas program and then I went to San Carlos to do divisions with Keeler! :D We had such a fun time and visited fantastic people. We also found a hilarious sign that said "Peligro, hombres trabajando* (*Danger, men working)" and there was NOBODY to be seen, so we took pictures and laughed. Keeler's got all the pictures, so sorry guys. :( but un dia los van a tener* (*one day I’ll have them)!!! We spent the time walking, singing and harmonizing Christmas songs while contacting. It was just so fun. :) fantastic day!!!

Thursday! I came back to Chilca in the morning! After lunch, we visited our investigators Paulette and Yuvica and taught them about oracion* (*prayer) before going to Familia Llacua, conversos less actives, where I taught their son guitar and we talked about the incredible power of music. :) Luego* (*then), we went to visit Hna Pachis and decorated her Christmas tree! :D We also went to Luz Maria, less active, and shared a Christmas video. :)

Viernes* (*Friday), we went to ensayar* (*rehearse) again for the Christmas program! We then all went to RealPlaza to see where we would be performing and got desserts. :) After lunch, ALL of our citas* (*appointments) fell through so we contacted like crazy and ended up finding and teaching Sandra, whom I felt to ask if she knew why there were so many churches. We ended up teaching a short resume of the Restoration and she really opened up to us and invited us to visit her again. She's super interested and just great. :) We went and contacted some references we received despues* (*later) and did some member visits. :) Fun fact- I hit 10 months in the mission today! WHAT. Double digits. Time is flying.

Saturday! All of our citas fell through again. Christmas season struggles. We contacted lots and visited Tania (member) and her family. :) We then went to Bertha, investigator, and read 2 Nephi 1 and talked a bit about the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation)! :) Luego, we went to our stake center's (Estaca Huancayo) Christmas celebration!!! Hna Pliler and I judged each ward's musical presentation and we all sang as missionaries. My ward won by a landslide. :) No, I’m not biased. They were just good. :) Tender mercy of the day was definitely seeing Hermana Dymock. She's just so great and has become one of my best friends. :) The Christmas spirit is STRONG here in Huancayo- complete with paneton and chocolate. :)

On Sunday, we had great church meetings and lunch before contacting like crazy! :) we visited Elizabeth (less active) and her son Mario (investigator who's getting baptized on Jan. 6th! :D ) and taught them about the Word of Wisdom and el Dia de Reposo* (*the Sabbath)! :) Luego, we visited Luz Maria, less active, and talked about the Atonement and la Resurrection* (*the Resurrection)! :) Despues, we went to the OTHER stake in Huancayo (Estaca Mantaro) for their Christmas devotional, where I sang Ave Maria and got to see a few friends from Cerro de Pasco who just moved here and Hermana Cadena, my old comp! :D Just the best. :)

Our God has given us the greatest gift in all of human history for Christmas; His Beloved Son. Not a single thing can beat or even compare with the eternal gift that He has provided us. The question I ask you all is one asked by Elder Uchtdorf- "Pro tanto quid retribuamus?" or "What shall we give in return for so much?"

I love you ALL and wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS... in advance. :D

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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