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Week 65: Dia de la Madre <3* (*Mother’s Day)

Click HERE to listen to Karissa's voice recording accompanying this week's update.

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Alma 26: 12

P-day de Zona* (*Zone Preparation Day)! :D After lunch, we headed over to the stake center, where we played Capture the Flag with swords and then Hunger Games! :D We had to put out the candles of the other missionaries. IT WAS THE BEST. :) And I got a letter and gift from Josefina in CDP* (*Cerro de Pasco)! :D Oh, how I love her and miss Pasco. We came back to a noche de hogar at Bishop´s with Luis (converso) and Jorge (less active)! We talked about La Expiacion* (*The Atonement), ate keke, and played games. :)

Martes* (*Tuesday) began with consejo de lideres* (*leader training)! We set goals for the mission and got lots of trainings. :) My favorite? We must convert into agents that act, not objects that are acted upon. We shouldn´t pray for our circumstances to just change, but for the strength to be able to change them. :) We came back, cleaned our house after the hermanas from Huanuco and San Ramon left, and went to work! :) We visited Ana, less active, and read a bit of the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) with her- She's got vision problems and can't do it alone. Luego*(*Then), we went to Cristhian's (member) and I helped him with a bit of English! :)

Wednesday was a LOCURA* (*CRAZY)! We visited the Los Andes sisters and did practicas* (*practices) before heading to Mariscal Castilla to check out a new room that the sisters found! It was gorgeous and in budget, so we got permission from the office to move them in today! :) The dueña* (*landlord) said that she had been praying for good renters and the hermanas called. :) After lunch, we spent a few hours moving the stuff out of their old room and into their new 5th floor apartment and talking contracts with the dueña! :) We later went and visited Leonardo, converso, and Mary, investigator, and read the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) with them before going to Jesica (investigator) and Fernando (less active) and reading DyC 121. :)

Thursday! We had a district meeting on how to set and complete personal goals. :) In the tarde* (*afternoon), we went contacting! We've been having a hard time finding new investigators, so we've been dedicating time. Luego* (*Then), we took our investigator Haid to the chapel for an indexing activity and helped index! Indexing is incredible and ALL of you should do it. :) We then visited Luis, converso* (*convert), and talked about church callings and organization!

En Viernes* (*On Friday), we had divisions with the Concepcion sisters! :) I went with Hna Calderon from Lima here in Tambo! Turns out she´s from my old Lima stake, Estaca Independencia! :D Saludos a todos y Presidente Salinas. :D QUE CHICO EL MUNDO* (*Greetings to all and President Salinas. What a small world!). We found and taught a less active, Noelia, about the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) and dedicated the rest of the day contacting, resulting in a drunk guy confessing all of his sins to us and me fighting with two dogs and setting citas* (*appointments) for other days. :)

Saturday! We finished divisions, went to Jauja to see the sisters, came back, ate lunch, and started our fast! :) I taught piano and English class in the chapel before we visited Jorge, less active, and taught him about temple ordinances and the endowment. :)

Dia de la Madre* (*Mother’s Day)! :D Church was great, as usual. Mi compañera* (*My companion) gave a talk on the influence of parents and it was oh so sweet. :) We finished our fast and had our Skype calls! :D My last one. :( But it was such a tender mercy to see the fam. :) LOVE YOU GUYS! :D Anyway, nobody was home today, so we contacted a bit and visited Lyn, Xana, Luis, and Jorge. Good day. :)

Here's a poem that I found this week that really impacted me. <3

The Soul's Captain- Elder Orson F. Whitney

Art thou in truth? Then what of him

Who bought thee with his blood?

Who plunged into devouring seas

And snatched thee from the flood?

Who bore for all our fallen race

What none but him could bear. –

The God who died that man might live,

And endless glory share?

Of what avail thy vaunted strength,

Apart from his vast might?

Pray that his Light may pierce the gloom,

That thou mayest see aright.

Men are as bubbles on the wave,

As leaves upon the tree.

Thou, captain of thy soul, forsooth

Who gave that place to thee?

Free will is thine -- free agency

To wield for right or wrong;

But thou must answer unto him

To whom all souls belong.

Bend to the dust that head "unbowed,"

Small part of Life's great whole!

And see in him, and him alone,

The Captain of thy soul.

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*With love and my prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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