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*Click HERE to hear this week's additional short recorded message from Hermana Schmid!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Alma 5: 26

P-day*(*Monday – Preparation day)! :) In the morning, we had ensayos* (*rehearsals) and then p-day de Zona*(*with the zone), where we had a mini treasure hunt for all of Tambo! :) One of our assignments was to give away 1 sol de pan* (*some bread) to someone. The first woman I tried to give it to ran away and refused. But the second attempt accepted. :) It was hilarious! Then we all played Risk. :) Luego* (*Then), we went to the dentist for Hna Huanaco's wisdom teeth and to the clinic to pick up Hermana Lescano and then went out to work. :) We had a noche de hogar* (*Family Home Evening) with our investigators Jeny, Kiara, Lucero, y Felipe and taught The Restoration, then went to a noche de hogar de miembros, Familia Mendoza* (*Family Home Evening with members, the Mendoza Family)! :)

Valentine's Day! I gave my comp chocolates to celebrate. :) We did lots of finding work today - lots of searching for nuevos* (*new contacts) with no luck. But hey. La siembra es asi a veces* (*sowing is like this sometimes). :) We visited Antonia, investigadora* (*investigator), at night and talked about los mandamientos* (*the commandments). :)

On Wednesday, we went to check the Los Andes sisters' cuarto* (*room) and contacted in the morning! En la tarde* (*In the afternoon), we got a call that we needed to go to the clinic with Hna Lescano for her cita* (*appointment). So we divided! I went to the clinic and my comp proselyted, and we spent the whole afternoon there. She's got a similar problem to mine, but they detected it a bit faster, so hopefully she heals up quick. :)

On Thursday, I officially hit a YEAR in the mission! :D So crazy. I definitely haven't felt the time passing. We gave a district meeting in the morning before going to Chupaca to look at the sisters' new room! After lunch, we visited our investigators Leonardo, Claudia, and Aroldo and explained the Plan de Salvacion* (*Plan of Salvation) and set a baptismal date for March 11th! :) Son tan buenos, de verdad* (*They are so good, really). We then visited our investigator Clelia and shared the First Vision. :) A member bought us Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza for dinner to celebrate my year mark! Tender mercy right there. :)

Friday was one of the BEST. DAYS. EVER. :) We had consejo de lideres* (*leader meetings) with Elder Montoya! The elders from Cerro (my old area, Central) told me the greatest news- my investigator Alex from CDP* (*Cerro de Pasco) GOT BAPTIZED :D we worked so hard with him and I'm so grateful to hear that he could make this covenant. :) I'm so happy for him! Best tender mercy ever. :) Consejo* (*Training) was fantastic! One of my favorite things we talked about was how the Savior looked at people with so much love and care and how we must do the same. :) Also about how we must try different things to get different results! :) It was incredibly edifying. :) Afterward, we went to Jauja for the sisters' baptism! Just a brilliant day. :)

Sabado* (*Saturday) was a multizona* (*multi-zone meeting) with Elder Montoya! :) He talked mostly about how we need to strengthen our testimonies here in the mission and keep changing for the better even despues* (*later). The spirit was SO strong there. I'm so grateful for this time we've had with Elder Montoya! :) After lunch, we visited Kiara y Lucero, investigadoras, and read the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) with them! :) Luego* (*Then), we went to Leonardo, Claudia, Aroldo, y Mary (investigadores) and taught them about the Evangelio y* (*The Gospel and) how, if lived, it changes us. :) They're so fantastic and definitely a tender mercy. :)

Sunday! We taught a new investigator Luis before church about the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) and I played piano for Sacrament meeting! :) After church, we helped organize a baptism of the ward, a niñita* (*a little girl) named Mary who just turned 8. Luego, we went to Omar y Bertha's home, converso* (*convert), and made pancakes with them. :)

"It is not the number of hours you put in, but what you put in the hours that counts." - Thomas S. Monson

Here's the link to Elder Bednar's talk on Tender Mercies.

Con amor y mis oraciones para siempre jamas* (*with my love and prayers forever and ever),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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