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Week 70: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlameda where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.....

Click HERE to listen to Karissa's weekly message - this week a personal message that she shared with an investigator!

Pensamiento Espiritual* (*Spiritual Thought): Mormon 8: 22

Checking in from windy Huanuco! Realized this week that the Oklahoma song just works PERFECTLY for mi nuevo pueblo, jaja* (*my new town, hahaha). :) Today was p-day de zona* (*zone preparation day), and we went to a recreo* (*recreation field) and played games! We played ultimate frisbee with a football and then played dizzy sports (running around a stick many times before doing a relay) which was HILARIOUS and resulted in everyone (especially yours truly) falling. SO FUNNY. I was going to teach them the magical ways of Quidditch, the greatest game in all existence, but we didn’t have hoops or brooms... so ya no* (*we didn’t get to do that). :( Luego* (*Then), we visited Rosa, member, and had a noche de hogar* (*family home evening) with her. :D

Tuesday! Jensen hit 9 MONTHS today. WOAH. I met her when I had 9 months and look how far we've come. We gave the district meeting training in ingles* (*English) about knowing and following God's will for us. :) After lunch, we contacted and visited Ana, investigator! :D She's SO amazing. She told us that after church, she just felt such a joy- like she wanted to go hug EVERYONE! :D We explained that THAT WAS THE SPIRIT and explained the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) a bit more. :) Luego* (*Then), we visited Rosa, investigator, and read her LDM with her before going to Diego, investigator, and explaining the 10 mandamientos* (*10 Commandments)! :D

Miercoles* (*Wednesday)! We dedicated a few hours to hanging up flyers for our English class today! Then, Luis Alberto, converso* (*convert), called us and gave us a reference, so we went to visit her! Her name's Esther and she's actually an antigua investigadora* (*old investigator) of my beloved best friend Esparzita. :D We gave her a Book of Mormon and got to know her! We then went to Kely, conversa* (*convert), and helped her with her personal progress before going to Luis Alberto, converso, and talking about the importance of reading the LDM* (*Book of Mormon) daily. :)

Thursday, we had divisions with the Primavera sisters! I stayed in AAAAAAAlameda (which literally means shady walk... call us gangsters) with Hna Revilla! :D Everyone fell through, so we spent basically all day contacting! :D One contact was especially cool. We knocked his door and he came out. His name is Noe. He asked us which church is true! We told him that he would have to ask God about that one! He told us that he didn't know that God could answer his prayers! So we brought him this sweet beautiful knowledge that God hears, God cares, and God responds. :D He lives in Tingo, but we'll pass the reference! We then indexed at family history- Quechua names from Cusco! Definitely a prueba jaja* (*a difficult language hahaha). :D Good day!!!

On Friday, I hit 16 months in the mission! INSANITY. We finished off divisions and weekly planned before lunch! In the tarde* (*afternoon), we took Hna Jordan, who's in Cayhuayna, with us to proselyte and had so much fun!!! We contacted and sang with a guitar and helped her with English! :D After we taught English class we stayed after and taught Diego, investigator, in the COOLEST LESSON ever. (listen about it in my group voice message- way too much to write. :D ) But he's SO sure now that what he's doing is right and that is SUCH a tender mercy. He's progressed so much in these 4 short weeks. :D

Sabado* (*Saturday)! Today, we had an ataque de distrito* (*district attack) in the plaza de armas* (*town square)!!! We shined shoes for free (so schmiddy learned how to shine shoes today- watch out world), handed out Liahonas, and contacted! :D It was SO brilliant!!! There were some preachers there that attacked us, calling us liars and adulterers and screaming at everyone in the park, but people just kept coming and we just kept shining! The work of God is service and love- and that work will ALWAYS roll on. :D

SUNDAY! I love sundays. :) HAPPY FATHERS DAY ALL!!! In the morning, we contacted! After lunch, we headed to church with Ana and Diego! They are just the greatest people and I love them so much. :) After church and consejo de barrio* (*ward council), we headed to the bus station and I traveled back to my beloved Huancayo!!!!! :D

I’m currently in my beautiful pueblo* (*village) with my adorable hijita* (*daughter that I trained) and it's sooooooo good to be back. :D

LES QUIERO BASTANTEEEEEE <3 * (*I love you all!)

Con amor y mis oraciones para SIEMPRE JAMAS* (*With love and my prayers FOREVERY AND EVER),

Hermana Schmid

(*Translations made by Karissa’s mom using google translate)

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